how dwayne johnson spends his millions?

how dwayne johnson spends his millions?

Dwayne Johnson has earned his fortune mostly through his career as a successful wrestler and actor. Despite his great financial success, Johnson regards his family and loved ones as the most important thing in his life.

Given the money he has managed to amass during his career in show business, The Rock undoubtedly doesn't miss anything, but Dwayne Johnson doesn't buy himself only presents.

In actuality, the actor also takes care of his family's needs, which go somewhat beyond their basic need. While his mother and his father, former wrestler Rocky Johnson, spent thousands of dollars on a whole house, he spends thousands on clothes for his wife and kids. He also considered his uncle, who he had "rewarded" with a Ford F-150 worth $60,000 for his assistance in the early days of WWE. Then he purchased a second one for his cousin and private stuntman. Whereas the same, but in a 150,000 dollar form, is part of his personal collection, along with a 1.5 million LaFerrari, a 1.5 million Pagani Huayra, and 332,000 Rolls Royce Wraith. Yet, he recently announced that he is unable to enter the "cabin" of the LaFerrari.

According to a Forbes survey, The Rock earned $87.5 million for his artwork in 2020. His new Beverly Hills home, purchased in April, is 1,637 square feet (with six bedrooms and 12 bathrooms).

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