How Glee Was Supposed To End?

How Glee Was Supposed To End?

Glee, the powerhouse musical dramedy that took the world by storm, left an undeniable mark on television. With its catchy tunes, heartfelt characters, and exploration of social issues, the show resonated with audiences worldwide. But the series finale, while aiming for closure, left some fans yearning for a different kind of conclusion. Today, we delve into the original ending envisioned by creator Ryan Murphy, a tale that promised a bittersweet homecoming and a touching culmination of Finn and Rachel's journey.

From Gleeful Beginnings to a Shocking Loss

Glee's narrative chronicled the trials and triumphs of the New Directions, a high school glee club in the small town of Lima, Ohio. The show's heart and soul were Finn Hudson, the star football player with a hidden passion for singing, and Rachel Berry, the ambitious and talented aspiring Broadway star. Their on-again, off-again romance became a central focus, mirroring the growth and evolution of the characters themselves.

However, the series was dealt a tragic blow in 2013 with the passing of Cory Monteith, the actor who brought Finn Hudson to life. This unforeseen event forced the writers to retool the planned ending, leaving a void for Finn and the future of his relationship with Rachel.

The Dreams Finn and Rachel Chased

The original ending, as revealed by Ryan Murphy, would have seen Finn and Rachel chase their long-held dreams. Finn, once insecure about his academic abilities, would have overcome his self-doubt to become a teacher.  This path aligned with his natural leadership qualities and desire to inspire others, just as Mr. Schuester, the beloved glee club director, had done for him.

Rachel, on the other hand, would have achieved her lifelong ambition: dazzling audiences on the bright lights of Broadway. Murphy envisioned her as a successful performer, finally reaching the pinnacle of the theatrical world she always craved.

A Teacher Returns: Finn Finds His Calling

The beauty of Finn's arc lay in his return to his roots.  Having shed the insecurities of his high school days, he would have found purpose and fulfillment in guiding a new generation of gleeks.  Imagine Finn, no longer the awkward jock, but a confident and encouraging mentor, sharing his love for music and helping students navigate the complexities of high school life.

This career choice resonated with Finn's character development. Throughout the series, he demonstrated a genuine care for his peers and a natural ability to connect with them. Becoming a teacher would have allowed him to channel his empathy and passion into fostering talent and creating a safe space for self-expression, just like Mr. Schuester did for him.

Broadway Brilliance: Rachel's Rise to Stardom

Meanwhile, Rachel's journey would have culminated in the dazzling world of Broadway. Murphy's vision portrayed her as a successful performer, finally living the dream she tirelessly pursued.  This achievement wouldn't have come without its challenges, but Rachel's relentless drive and talent would have ensured her place on the biggest stages.

However, Murphy hinted at a lingering sense of incompleteness within Rachel, suggesting that even amidst the bright lights of Broadway, a part of her might still yearn for something more.

The Path Not Taken: Rachel's Unexpected Homecoming

Here's where the true emotional core of the unfilmed ending lies.  Despite achieving professional success, Rachel's journey would have taken an unexpected turn. Murphy described her returning to Ohio, a move that hinted at a sense of personal fulfillment missing from her glamorous life in New York.

The reasons for Rachel's return to Ohio could be multifaceted. Perhaps the relentless pursuit of her Broadway dreams had taken its toll. The constant pressure, competitiveness, and isolation of the New York theater scene might have left her yearning for the warmth and support of her hometown.

Another possibility is that Rachel's return  was prompted by a desire to reconnect with her roots.  Having achieved professional success, she might have felt a pull towards the place where her journey began, where her love for music and performing blossomed. Revisiting Lima could have been a way to reconnect with the New Directions family, the friends and mentors who had shaped her into the artist she became.

The most intriguing possibility lies in the lingering sense of incompleteness hinted at by Murphy.  Despite her success, there might have been a void in Rachel's life, a yearning for something she couldn't quite define. Perhaps this void was connected to Finn.

Imagine Rachel, standing on a Broadway stage, basking in the applause but with a bittersweet pang in her heart. She might have envisioned Finn, beaming with pride in the audience, a dream forever out of reach. This sense of loss, coupled with a desire to reconnect with her past, could have been the catalyst for her homecoming.

A Legacy Lives On: The Emotional Impact of the Unfilmed Ending

While the unfilmed ending remains shrouded in mystery, its emotional impact is undeniable.  The idea of Rachel returning to Lima, potentially carrying the torch of New Directions and keeping Finn's memory alive, evokes a powerful sense of closure. It suggests that even amidst personal ambitions, the bonds forged in high school can leave a lasting legacy.

Furthermore, the return could signify a full-circle moment for Rachel. The girl who once dreamed of escaping Lima would have found her way back, not as a failure, but as a successful artist who never forgot where she came from. This homecoming would have been a testament to the enduring power of community, friendship, and the dreams that fueled her journey.

Fan Reactions and the Power of "What If"

The unfilmed ending sparked passionate reactions from fans.  Many expressed a deep longing for a conclusion that honored Finn's memory and provided a sense of closure for Rachel's character.  The "what if" scenarios fueled countless fan theories and discussions on online forums, demonstrating the show's enduring power and the emotional investment fans had in the characters' trajectories.

Some fans envisioned Rachel returning to take over the New Directions after Mr. Schuester's departure. Others imagined her mentoring a student who reminded her of Finn, fostering a sense of connection to his legacy.  These fan-created narratives showcase the emotional pull of the unfilmed ending and its ability to inspire creative interpretations.

Glee's Enduring Legacy: Celebrating Music, Acceptance, and Hope

While the series finale lacked the emotional depth of the unfilmed ending, Glee's legacy extends far beyond its final episode. The show's impact on music, representation, and the celebration of individuality continues to resonate with viewers today.

Glee introduced audiences to a diverse group of characters, tackling themes of social acceptance, self-discovery, and the unifying power of music. It gave a voice to the marginalized and challenged societal norms, prompting important conversations about inclusion and belonging.

The unfilmed ending, while unrealized, embodies these core values.  Rachel's homecoming could be seen as a message of hope, signifying that one can achieve their dreams while remaining connected to their roots.  It underscores the importance of community and the enduring power of the bonds forged in high school hallways and choir rooms.

Though the series ended with a different finale, the unfilmed ending serves as a poignant reminder of the show's potential. It allows fans to imagine a conclusion that honors the characters, celebrates their journeys, and leaves a lasting sense of hope and closure.  In doing so, it reinforces Glee's enduring legacy as a show that touched hearts, ignited passions, and reminded us all of the joy and power of music.
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