How many yards did Ezekiel Elliott have in 2023?

How many yards did Ezekiel Elliott have in 2023?

Ezekiel Elliott 2023 Season Recap: Rushing Stats, Receiving Yards, and Fantasy Performance

The answer many fans are looking for upfront: Ezekiel Elliott rushed for 642 yards in the 2023 NFL season. This number placed him 22nd overall among running backs in rushing yards. However, to get a complete picture of Elliott's performance, we need to examine his total yardage, which includes receiving yards.

Breaking Down Zeke's Rushing Stats in 2023

While Ezekiel Elliott's rushing yards fell short of his highs in Dallas, it's important to consider the context of his move to the New England Patriots. The Patriots have historically leaned on a more pass-centric offense, and Elliott found himself sharing carries with Damien Harris throughout the season.

Here's a deeper look at Elliott's rushing stats for the 2023 season:

  • Rushing Attempts: 184
  • Rushing Yards: 642
  • Yards per Carry: 3.5
  • Rushing Touchdowns: 3

While the yards per carry average might not be eye-popping, Elliott did show flashes of his ability throughout the season. He had four games with over 50 rushing yards, including a season-high 80 yards against the New York Jets in Week 3.

It's worth noting that the Patriots' offensive line struggled at times in 2023, which likely impacted Elliott's efficiency on the ground.

A Look at Elliott's Receiving Production

In the passing game, Elliott displayed a willingness to contribute as a receiver. He caught 51 passes for 313 yards, showcasing his ability to be a well-rounded weapon out of the backfield.

Here's a breakdown of Elliott's receiving stats:

  • Receptions: 51
  • Receiving Yards: 313
  • Yards per Reception: 6.1
  • Receiving Touchdowns: 2

While not a burner, Elliott proved reliable in the short-passing game, averaging over 5 receptions per game. This PPR (Points Per Reception) production added value to his fantasy outlook, especially in leagues that reward receptions.

Ezekiel Elliott's Fantasy Football Performance in 2023

Fantasy football managers who drafted Ezekiel Elliott in 2023 likely had mixed feelings about his season. While he didn't replicate his peak production from Dallas, his well-rounded performance offered some consistency.

Here's a look at Elliott's fantasy impact in 2023 (based on PPR scoring):

  • Average Points Per Game: 12.3
  • Total Touchdowns: 5
  • Fantasy Ranking (RB): Around RB20-25

Elliott's production placed him in the mid-range RB2 territory for most of the season.  He provided managers with decent points but lacked the explosive performances that fantasy players often crave.

Analyzing Zeke's Fit in the Patriots' Offense

The 2023 season was an adjustment period for Ezekiel Elliott in the New England Patriots' offense. Here's a closer look at how he fit into the scheme:

  • Shared Backfield: The Patriots opted for a running back committee approach, with Elliott splitting carries with Damien Harris. This limited Elliott's upside potential in terms of rushing yards.
  • Pass-Catching Role: The Patriots utilized Elliott more in the passing game than he was accustomed to in Dallas. This expanded role helped him maintain fantasy relevance.
  • Offensive Line Struggles: As mentioned earlier, the Patriots' offensive line faced challenges in 2023. This likely impacted both Elliott's rushing efficiency and overall offensive production.
  • Evolving Scheme:  The Patriots' offensive scheme under Mac Jones tends to be more pass-heavy than the run-oriented attack they were known for under Tom Brady. This shift might not fully utilize a traditional workhorse running back like Elliott, but his ability to catch passes offered him a valuable role.

Here's how we can assess Zeke's fit in the Patriots' offense:


  • Pass-Catching Ability: Elliott displayed a willingness and capability to contribute in the passing game, which aligns with the Patriots' scheme.
  • Veteran Leadership:  Zeke brought experience and leadership to a young Patriots' backfield.
  • Power Running: His physical running style provided a different dimension to the Patriots' offense compared to the more scatback style of Damien Harris.


  • Shared Backfield: The Patriots' commitment to a running back committee limited Elliott's touches and overall production.
  • Offensive Line Struggles: As discussed earlier, the Patriots' offensive line woes hampered both Elliott's efficiency and ability to establish a strong rushing attack.
  • Scheme Fit: The Patriots' pass-heavy approach might not be the ideal situation to maximize Elliott's rushing potential.
Ezekiel Elliott's 2023 Season: A Recap and Look Ahead


Ezekiel Elliott's 2023 season can be classified as a year of transition. While his rushing yards fell short of expectations, he displayed a willingness to adapt to the Patriots' pass-centric scheme. His receiving production provided value in the fantasy realm, but his overall performance lacked the explosiveness fantasy managers often desire.

Looking Ahead:

Several factors will influence Elliott's performance in 2024:

  • Offensive Line Improvement: If the Patriots can improve their offensive line, it would create a better running environment for both Elliott and Harris. This could lead to a resurgence in Elliott's rushing production.
  • Backfield Usage: The Patriots' decision on backfield usage remains a question mark. Will they continue with the committee approach, or will one back emerge as the clear lead runner?
  • Scheme Evolution: The Patriots' offensive scheme might evolve further under Mac Jones. If the team incorporates a more balanced run-pass approach, it could benefit Elliott.

Fantasy Outlook:

Elliott's fantasy outlook for 2024 depends on the factors mentioned above. Here are some possibilities:

  • Solid RB2: If the offensive line improves and Elliott earns a larger share of carries, he could return to low-end RB2 value.
  • Flex Option: In a continued committee approach, Elliott might be a more volatile flex option, valuable when the Patriots lean on the run game.
  • Downside Risk: If the offensive line struggles again and Elliott receives limited touches, his fantasy value could decline.
Ezekiel Elliott's move to the New England Patriots presented challenges in 2023. However, he displayed adaptability and a willingness to contribute in the passing game. His future success hinges on the Patriots' offensive line improvement, backfield usage decisions, and potential scheme evolution. Fantasy managers should closely monitor these developments before drafting Elliott in 2024.
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