How to Affix Your UPS Shipping Label

How to Affix Your UPS Shipping Label

Learn how to properly affix your UPS shipping label with our step-by-step guide. Ensure your package arrives safely with these easy-to-follow instructions. Print, peel, and stick for hassle-free shipping!

Affixing a UPS shipping label to your package is a straightforward process. Here are the steps to follow.

Make sure your package is securely closed and sealed:

Ensure that the shipping label is not covering any seams, closures, or folds on the package.

Remove any old shipping labels or markings from the package:

This will prevent any confusion or misrouting of your package.

Print your UPS shipping label on a high-quality printer:

Make sure the label is clear and easy to read.

Peel off the backing paper from the adhesive side of the shipping label:

Be careful not to tear the label or the backing paper.

Carefully position the label on the package:

The label should be affixed to the largest flat surface of the package, ideally on the top or on one of the sides.

Smooth out the label to ensure that it is firmly attached to the package:

Use your hand or a flat object like a credit card to press down on the label and remove any air bubbles.

If your package is a tube or a cylindrical shape:

make sure the label is affixed so that it does not wrap around the tube.

If you are shipping an international package, make sure to affix any required customs documents, such as a commercial invoice or a customs declaration form, to the package along with the shipping label.
By following these steps, you can ensure that your UPS shipping label is properly affixed to your package, and that your package will be delivered to its destination safely and on time.

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