How To Find A Lost UPS Tracking Number Without A Receipt

How To Find A Lost UPS Tracking Number Without A Receipt

We'll show you how to find a lost UPS tracking number without a receipt.

If you lose an item that was shipped by UPS, you can use this trick to track its location. The tracking number will appear on the shipping label attached to the package.

Check Your Inbox.

You can check your inbox for any new messages using the web interface at Enter the tracking number into the search box and click Search.

Look For An Email From The Company.

If you still haven't received an email from the company with the tracking number, try calling them directly. Most companies will give you the tracking number when you call.

Call Their Customer Service Line.

You can also check online by going to This website has a search feature where you can enter the tracking number and see what results come up.

Search Online.

If you still need help finding your package, try searching online. There are several websites that will allow you to search for a tracking number. One such site is This site allows you to type in the tracking number and then click “Search” to see what comes up.

Contact Other Companies That Ship To You.

Another option is to contact other companies that ship to you. Many businesses will send out a replacement item if you provide them with proof that you received an incorrect one.

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