How To Return an Item Back To Sender At the Post Office

How To Return an Item Back To Sender At the Post Office

Returning an item by mail can be tricky at times, but the process is simplified when done through the United States Postal Service (USPS). Follow these four easy steps to return an item back to sender at the post office.

Gather the Necessary Documents.

Before visiting the USPS, it is important to make sure all necessary documents are gathered. The required documents typically include the original mailing address of the sender, a return address label with your current address, and a valid form of payment such as cash or credit/debit card. Additionally, you will need to bring the item(s) you wish to return. Once ready, bring all items with you to the post office.

Upon arriving at the post office, speak with a customer service representative who should be able to help you with the return process. Depending on which services you use, returning items to sender can cost additional fees. After paying any necessary fees and securing the necessary documents, the post office will process your return using their tracking system to ensure delivery back to the sender. It’s important to keep in mind that this may take some time depending on the postal system's efficiency. Once processed, your item(s) should be returned quickly and safely!

Package the Item to Be Returned.

Start by wrapping the item(s) to be returned in its original packaging, if possible. If the original packaging is unavailable, make sure to use new materials such as bubble wrap or newspaper to package and protect it. Furthermore, make sure to include a blank sheet of paper with your address label affixed on top of it into the package so that it reaches back to sender without any problems.

After you package the item so that it is protected and ready to be shipped, head on over to your local post office – most states have a designated counter or window for extra services like returns. Make sure to take a valid ID card with you since some post offices do ask for identification with returns. When you get there, explain simply that you'd like to return an item and provide them with the necessary information about where it was sent from. The postal clerk will be able to assist you in addressing the package correctly and getting it sent Back To Sender!

Be sure to let the postal clerk know the weight of the item you’re returning – this is important for working out the cost of postage. A flat rate postage or Express Mail delivery can be used for heavier items. Payments can typically be made with cash, major debit or credit cards, or money orders. Talk to the post office clerk about the best option for you before making a payment. The mailing address should already be printed on the package and if so, it only needs to be modified by adding “Return To Sender” in big letters over top of it. Finally, affix your shipping label and send that package flying!

Pay for the Return Delivery.

Once the package is ready to return back to sender, take it over to the nearest post office. The postal clerk will be able to advise on which delivery service suits your items and needs best. Generally, regular post or Express Post are suitable options for returning mail back to sender. Pay for the delivery service using cash or card then you’re all done! You can now track the parcel online if necessary.
Depending on the item’s size and weight, the clerk may advise putting it into the self-serve parcel machines. To do this, enter your details and payment into the machine. Print out a label for your parcel then stick it onto the package, ensuring all parts of the barcode are visible. Finally, weigh your package at the counter and pay any additional charges required before depositing in the post box or wherever advised. Whether you use a machine to return mail back to sender or require assistance from a postal clerk, make sure you keep your receipt as proof of posting in case something goes wrong with your delivery.

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