In 2022, the damages of the climate crisis cost billions of dollars

In 2022, the damages of the climate crisis cost billions of dollars

According to a Christian Aid report, 20 of the most destructive climate disasters occurred this year: no part of the globe was spared from the most costly climate impacts in 2022. Floods in Pakistan killed the most people, with Hurricane Ian causing the most damage.

Each of the top ten natural disasters caused by climate change in 2022 will cost at least three billion dollars. We're talking about more than 168 billion dollars in total. The estimate was from Christian Aid in his new report "Counting the cost 2022".

Hurricane Ian will be the most financially disastrous event of the coming year. Its passage through the Caribbean and the United States caused $100 billion in damage.

The floods in Pakistan, which have killed over 1,700 people and displaced seven million, have caused around $30 billion in damage, according to the World Bank.

The impact on developing countries - Some events are missing from the list of the most dangerous disasters because they occurred in some of the world's poorest countries. We're talking about the devastating drought in East Africa, which has affected more than 36 million people over several months. But also the floods in the continent's west, which displaced 1.3 million people and killed over 600 people in Cameroon, Nigeria, Mali, and Niger.

However, millions of stories of human loss and suffering are hidden behind the dollar figures. This human and financial toll will only rise unless greenhouse gas emissions are drastically reduced." Climate change has both immediate and long-term consequences.

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