Itoldlexi Releases Brand New Single 'softin’

Itoldlexi Releases Brand New Single 'softin’

Chicago-born R&B/soul artist itoldLexi has today released her brand new single, the heartfelt and vulnerable Softin’.

The track explores resilience and loyalty, and is written from the perspective of a woman speaking to a man. It’s about being their ride or die, and that no matter what life throws at him, she has his back through thick and thin. Softin’ features London-based rapper P Sauvage, and arrives poignantly around Lexi’s second anniversary of living in London. Softin’ follows Lexi’s recent release, Get It Right which has been going down a storm live, and continues to rack up streams across platforms.

Lexi explains, "As I mark my two-year journey in London, I'm excited to share a new RnB/Drill-inspired track. Hailing from Chicago, where drill originates, it's intriguing to witness London's take on the drill genre, infused with its unique East coast influence. Softin' goes deeper, exploring the beauty within the challenges of relationships and the importance of finding inner peace and mutual support. Collaborating with London natives Mike Bxnks and P Sauvage has been an incredible honor, as they were among my first musical connections in this vibrant city. Through Softin’, my message remains clear - I'm here for you, ready to be your ride or die companion through life's ups and downs."

The London-based artist headlined two packed out shows in London, over the summer. Lexi appeared at Piano Smithfield in Farringdon, and not only did she perform but was also joined by her producer Ronavella, who carried out a guided talk. This covered Lexi’s songwriting process, some of the messaging in her music and tying in her experiences as a female Black artist, in the music industry today. The songstress also played the historic Troubadour in Earl’s Court.

Lexi’s passions go further than just music; she is an activist for civil rights, gender equality and black culture, which she explored through her academic research. She did so at both Berklee College of Music in Boston where she studied Professional Music with an emphasis on Songwriting, and more recently at the prestigious Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, where she got her Master of Arts in Songwriting. Lexi was featured on National Public Radio (NPR) for advocating Black Lives Matter in her songs and collaborating with young artists around the world on social justice campaigns. More recently, Lexi was a featured panellist for the ‘F-List Conference’ in London, speaking on Black Feminism and how that influences her music and artistry.

2019 saw Lexi release her debut EP, With Love, Lexi. This was a big year for the singer, not only did she graduate from Berklee, she also released some of her most popular music to date, namely Just Breathe, and Favorite Type. Lexi also released tracks For You and Balance, earlier this year.

Growing up, Lexi was a member of the Chicago Children’s Choir, which gave her the opportunity to travel internationally and perform with world renowned artists such as Baby Face, Al Green, Boyz II Men, and more. Highlights from the last few years include performing with Chance The Rapper on his winter 2020 Virtual Live Concert ‘Chi-Town Christmas’, and being featured on Sofar Sounds Valencia’s International Women’s day showcase, also in 2020.

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