Jadu Heart electronic Band launch new Album "Derealised"

Jadu Heart electronic Band launch new Album "Derealised"

"Derealised" is a song by the London-based electronic music duo Jadu Heart. The track is known for its haunting, atmospheric production and ethereal vocals, showcasing Jadu Heart's unique and genre-defying sound.

"Derealised" is a standout track from London-based electronic music duo Jadu Heart's 2019 debut album, "Hyper Romance." The song showcases the duo's unique blend of electronic, pop, and hip-hop music, creating a dreamy and ethereal soundscape. The track's haunting production and ethereal vocals provide a perfect backdrop for Jadu Heart's emotional and introspective lyrics.

One of the key elements that sets "Derealised" apart is its atmospheric production. The track builds slowly, beginning with a soft and delicate beat before slowly adding layers of instrumentation and sound effects. As the song progresses, a rich and immersive soundscape emerges, enveloping the listener in a world of electronic sound and emotional intensity.

The vocals on "Derealised" are equally captivating. Amelia Rivas's ethereal voice perfectly complements the song's atmospheric production, delivering the lyrics with a sense of fragility and vulnerability. Her delivery adds depth and emotion to the track, making "Derealised" a truly unforgettable listening experience.

The lyrics on "Derealised" are introspective and emotional, touching on themes of disorientation, uncertainty, and the struggle to find a sense of self. The song's themes are universal, making it a powerful and relatable track that resonates with listeners on a deep level.

In conclusion, "Derealised" is a standout track from Jadu Heart's "Hyper Romance" album, showcasing the duo's unique and genre-defying sound. The song's haunting production, ethereal vocals, and emotional lyrics make it a must-listen for fans of electronic music, and solidify Jadu Heart's place as one of the most exciting and innovative acts in the industry.

About Jadu Heart

is an innovative and captivating electronic music duo hailing from London, England. Comprised of producers and musicians Oscar Scheller and Amelia Rivas, the duo creates music that blends elements of electronic, pop, and hip-hop into a unique and dynamic soundscape.

With Oscar on production duties and Amelia lending her vocal talents to the project, Jadu Heart has been gaining attention for their distinctive approach to electronic music. They incorporate live instrumentation into their performances, bringing a raw and organic energy to their tracks. This balance of electronic and live elements, combined with the duo's songwriting prowess, has resulted in music that is both deeply emotional and sonically rich.

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