Joeboy's Latest EP, "Body, Soul & Spirit," Takes Afropop to New Heights

Joeboy's Latest EP, "Body, Soul & Spirit," Takes Afropop to New Heights

Diving into the Soul of Joeboy: Explore "Body, Soul & Spirit" EP's Introspective Themes

In a triumphant close to 2023, Afropop sensation Joeboy unveils his highly anticipated EP, "Body, Soul & Spirit," via emPawa Africa. This introspective five-track release marks the Lagos-based artist's second musical endeavor of the year, following the critical success of his May album, "Body & Soul."

Dancing Through the 9-to-5: Joeboy's '24/7' Video Unleashes Office Liberation

Accompanying the EP is the visually captivating music video for the self-preservation anthem, "24/7." Joeboy transforms the mundane life of a disenchanted 9-to-5 worker within the confines of a brutalist Lagos office building. The video, directed by Nigerian filmmakers Adeola Fadola and KC Obajulu of 2Brthrs Films, captures the essence of Joeboy's lyrics, turning the office space into a lively afrobeats dance party.

From Office to Stage: Joeboy's Journey to Musical Liberation

Reflecting on his past aspirations, Joeboy shares, "Before I decided to do music, I thought I was going to end up being a banker, working in an office. The '24/7' video is showing the way I might have been. I’d still be doing my job but I’d be the life of the office. Or the life of the party in the office."

A Deep Dive into Joeboy's Soul: "Body, Soul & Spirit"

Known for his melodic hooks and soul-searching lyrics, Joeboy delves into his introspective side with "Body, Soul & Spirit." The EP, featuring the recent single "Only God Can Save Me" produced by Debo.x, explores darker, moodier themes, addressing societal pressures, paranoia, insecurity, and the complexities of love.

Behind the Music: Joeboy's Solitary Studio Sessions

The creation of "Body, Soul & Spirit" coincided with a pivotal moment in Joeboy's career—learning to record himself in the studio. Straying from his usual collaborative process, he found himself alone with a mic and a pen, allowing him to channel his emotions into a fresh and profound musical direction. Joeboy reflects on this journey, stating, "The songs on the EP embody my journey through this emotionally-draining period."

Joeboy's Latest EP, "Body, Soul & Spirit," Takes Afropop to New Heights
Joeboy's Latest EP, "Body, Soul & Spirit," Takes Afropop to New Heights

The Collaborative Soundscapes of "Body, Soul & Spirit" with Joeboy

Production credits for the EP go to rising Nigerian beatmakers Debo.X and Culture, along with longtime collaborator BeatsByKO. The Culture-produced track, "24/7," stands out with its upbeat tempo and nihilistic undertones. Joeboy emphasizes, "‘24/7’ celebrates the idea of living for the moment because life is too short to do otherwise. We need to be intentional about being positive. There will always be problems, but we need to always find a reason to celebrate and be conscious of our happiness."

As Joeboy continues to make waves in the Afropop scene, "Body, Soul & Spirit" solidifies his status as a versatile and introspective artist, captivating audiences with his unique blend of soulful melodies and thought-provoking lyrics.

Body, Soul & Spirit EP Tracklist
  • Only God Can Save Me (Produced by Debo.X)
  • 24/7 (Produced by Culture)
  • Telephone (Produced by Debo.X)
  • Enemy (Produced by BeatsByKO)
  • Surviving (Produced by Debo.X)
Joeboy cements his place as a versatile Afropop artist, leaving an indelible mark on the musical landscape. In the culmination of 2023, Joeboy's "Body, Soul & Spirit" EP unveils a transformative journey, from office liberation in "24/7" to introspective dives into darker themes. As he navigates a solo studio evolution, collaborates on innovative soundscapes, and celebrates life's fleeting moments.
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