Kate Bush is also known as one of the most influential female artists of all time.

Kate Bush is also known as one of the most influential female artists of all time.

Her music has inspired many people around the world. In this video we take a look at some of her greatest hits and see how they have influenced other artists.

Kate Bush has been a vocal advocate for various humanitarian and environmental causes throughout her career. She has worked with organisations such as Greenpeace and Amnesty International, She has raised awareness and money for causes such as the relief effort for the Chernobyl disaster, and has spoken out on issues such as the conflict in Syria and the need for action on climate change. In recent years, she has also been a strong supporter of the refugee crisis, calling on world leaders to do more to help those who have been forced to flee their homes. Bush has said that she feels a responsibility to use her platform to speak out on these issues, and she has urged others to do the same.

Kate Bush is a singer-songwriter and record producer who has influenced a wide range of artists. Her musical style blends pop, rock, and folk with elements of classical and avant-garde. Bush began her career as a teenager in the late 1970s and released her first album, The Kick Inside, in 1978. She achieved mainstream success with her second album, Lionheart, which reached number six in the UK Albums Chart. Bush has since released ten studio albums, all of which have been commercially successful. Her most recent album, 50 Words for Snow, was released in 2011.  Bush is known for her unique and ethereal vocal style, as well as her eclectic and innovative approach to songwriting and music production. She has influenced a wide range of artists, including David Bowie, Nirvana, and Radiohead.

Bush has been praised for her unique and original approach to songwriting and her powerful and expressive vocals. She has been nominated for numerous awards, including the Grammy Award for Best New Artist, and has won several Ivor Novello Awards. In 2002, she was awarded a CBE for her contributions to music.

1978 - The Kick Inside

1978 - Lionheart

1980 - Never for Ever

1982 - The Dreaming

1985 - Hounds of Love

1989 - The Sensual World

1993 - The Red Shoes

2005 - Aerial

2011 - Director's Cut

2011 - 50 Words for Snow

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