Kembe X Reunites With Isaiah Rashad And Hippie Sabotage On “rolling Stoned”

Kembe X Reunites With Isaiah Rashad And Hippie Sabotage On “rolling Stoned”

Unveiling the Psychedelic Depths: Kembe X's "Rolling Stoned" ft. Isaiah Rashad and Hippie Sabotage

Affiliated with the esteemed TDE (Top Dawg Entertainment), genre-bending Chicago rapper Kembe X reunites with Hippie Sabotage and Isaiah Rashad on his latest single “Rolling Stoned” available to stream now on all platforms via BMR/The Orchard.

Produced by the globally renowned producer duo Hippie Sabotage, Kembe X and Isaiah Rashad's latest collaboration is a thought-provoking masterpiece that cleverly disguises its depth with wordplay and ethereal alternative hip-hop production. Featuring cryptic lines, the track may initially appear as brash rap, but it unfurls into a profound exploration of personal growth, dreams, and self-discovery. With a hypnotic sound and intricate lyricism, "Rolling Stoned" invites listeners to embark on a journey of hidden meanings and insights, making it a captivating and intellectually stimulating musical experience.

“When we made this song in September 2021, it felt like a reunion and an opportunity to show Hippie Sabotage, I'm not the same person who moved from Chicago to LA and crashed on their couch” shares Kembe X. “It was a chance to demonstrate my newfound confidence in my creative abilities and a willingness to adopt a fresh approach to music. It's not a reinvention of my artistry, but a shedding of old skin and a dreamy exploration of a new version of myself, deeply connected to my psychedelic discoveries.”

“Rolling Stoned” follows the Chicago rapper’s recent single “Pole Vaulting” highlighting Kembe X’s full arsenal as a rapper, as well as Hippie Sabotage’s dark, gritty production. Set as a stylistic departure from his previous work, this trap joint showcases Kembe X’s high-pitched, raspy vocal timbre, juxtaposed with resonant 808 kick drums. Coupled with zany punchlines, his relentless flow finds perfect synergy with the busy hi-hat rhythms. In a testament to his versatility, “Pole Vaulting” again highlights Kembe X’s prowess in seamlessly navigating diverse styles.

Known for his work with artists such as Isaiah Rashad, REASON, Guapdad4000, Jay Rock, and Ab-Soul, Kembe X stands as a beacon of innovation in a musical landscape often mired in conformity. His music, with over 10.7 million UGC views on TikTok and 5 million views on YouTube, has ignited a cultural wave, resonating across platforms. Accumulating a staggering 33.5 million Spotify streams, Kembe X’s tracks encapsulate the essence of his artistry.

Kembe X Reunites With Isaiah Rashad And Hippie Sabotage On  “rolling Stoned”
Kembe X Reunites With Isaiah Rashad And Hippie Sabotage On  “rolling Stoned”

Beyond mere numbers, Kembe X's compositions, from the introspective depths of "Voices" and "Cozy Forever" to the bluesy contemplation of "Body Language" and "Anyway," paint a poignant picture of battling depression, touching hearts and minds. His magnetic stage presence has left an indelible mark, from headlining the Hippie Sabotage Tour in 2016 to sharing the stage in the ScHoolboy Q CrasHtalk Tour in 2019, not to mention legendary performances at Rolling Loud Miami from 2014 to 2017 and Rolling Loud Los Angeles 2017, solidifying his status as a festival favorite.

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