Kevin De Bruyne's Ultimate Skillset for FIFA 22

Kevin De Bruyne's Ultimate Skillset for FIFA 22

Kevin de Bruyne is an attacking midfielder for Manchester City FC. He was born on June 19th, 1992 in Brussels, Belgium.

He has an incredible dribbling ability.

In FIFA 20 he had a rating of 91. This means that he is one of the best players in the world. His dribbling skill is amazing and his speed is also very high. He is able to beat defenders with ease and score goals.

His passing is second to none.

Kevin de Bruyne has an incredible skillset when it comes to football. He is able to pass the ball at any angle and distance. He is also able to control the ball with ease and make passes that are accurate and powerful.

And he's got great vision.

In addition to his passing ability, Kevin de Bruyne is also very good at dribbling. He is able to beat defenders one-on-one by using quick feet and feints. He is also able move past players without them even noticing him.

He's also a very good finisher.

Kevin de Bruyne has been known to score some spectacular goals throughout his career. His first goal was scored against Manchester United in the FA Cup final back in 2015. It was a beautiful strike from outside the box, beating David de Gea with ease.

He's got a lot of pace too.

In addition to being an excellent finisher, he also possesses a very good dribbling ability. He can beat players one-on-one with ease and can use his speed to make runs into space.

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