Leo Horoscope : weekly (01-08 May) predictions

Leo Horoscope : weekly (01-08 May) predictions

New collaborations and business expansion opportunities in other cities for Leo

Leo You need to rely solely and unconditionally on your own strengths. This is an essential message coming from the First Quarter Moon in your sign. A new season is beginning, in which you can reap what you have sown in the past months and take advantage of growth opportunities in both your professional and personal life. Many people are in the midst of a critical and somewhat revolutionary phase of significant change, which is already yielding the first results and will see its most beautiful fruits emerge by the latest by autumn.

Let's say that the maximum limit not to be exceeded is October if you want to look around, start new projects and work initiatives, implement change, or define your professional horizons better. By October, you must strive to achieve more in your company, expand the scope of your business, or challenge yourself in new environments and fields. During times of great strength like this, it seems appropriate to make some predictions, specifically about the new Jupiter in square from October. This friendly "push to act" should encourage you to act without letting doubts hold you back or lingering in a situation that no longer satisfies you.

Last week, I mentioned that your sign is "fixed" and sometimes not very inclined to change, but at this point in the year, we need to stir things up. There are some essential days (like Tuesday 2 and Wednesday 3) that could mark the beginning of a new collaboration, lead to the signing of an agreement, or expand your business with new contacts in other cities. Use these days to send a resume, have an interview, or make a request at your company. Possible transfers are in progress. Those who start a business during this period have the approval of the stars, but must expect some possible extra expenses at the end of the month.

What about your feelings? The Leo's desire for love is uncontrollable at this time! Between Venus's trine and Mercury's (which returns to direct motion from this week), it will be impossible not to feel the call of passion. Dear single Leo, you have no excuses left if there is not at least an interesting friendship or a spring fling around you: "leave the past behind," "lower your expectations," and "get out of the house" are the three suggestions I can give you to put your heart back into gear. You can expect both small and big emotions in the middle of the week. The weekend is an excellent time for accepting a gallant invitation or taking part in a social event to meet someone new. It's a great time for couples who love each other and want to achieve an important project by summer. This celestial geography also helps those who are trying to conceive, even with alternative methods. Those who are already in a relationship just need to convince themselves that their partner is the right person.

In recent weeks, I have often used the word "game" for Leo, dynamics of "cat and mouse." The stars are in your favor, but at this point, you must move towards concreteness, especially if you are dividing yourself between two stories, one official and the other unofficial or secret. The game is fun as long as it lasts a short time, and especially as long as the other person is consenting or no one discovers the affair. Clarify things with respect, which must start from you and your needs, but also consider the other person's needs. Watch out, I warned you!


Horoscope : weekly (01-08 May) predictions

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