Leo Horoscope : weekly (06-12 february) predictions

Leo Horoscope : weekly (06-12 february) predictions

Week of great strength, Leo! Just like a cowboy at the rodeo, your determination allows you to masterfully "ride" the many opportunities that this sky offers you, and to tame some apparent difficulties by turning them in your favor.

Starting with work, even when it appears difficult to achieve more, many challenges are won during this period simply by staying focused, being enterprising, firm, and decisive. "A drop digs a stone," as the saying goes, is more true than ever for those who must request a transfer or change of duties.

Monday, June 6 is a great day to begin a new collaboration, sign a contract, or receive an important communication/confirmation. The sky on Friday, however, favors those looking for an interlocutor to whom they can pitch an idea or a project, or a new company to which they can pitch themselves. Power comes from willingness.

Even the sky of love and affection sees you as more tenacious and determined. Many people born under this sign feel ready to make a big decision about a couple project, such as starting a cohabitation or having a child. The same determination supports those who decide to confront their partner's crisis once and for all. Despite some initial reservations, some recent acquaintances are strengthened, while those who are still single can bet on a favorable sky for new encounters between Thursday, September 9 and Friday, October 10.


Horoscope : weekly  (06-12 february) predictions 

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