Leo Horoscope : weekly (06-12 March) predictions

Leo Horoscope : weekly (06-12 March) predictions

Under this sky there is really no time to get bored, quite the contrary. There is a coming and going of planets which, day after day, is changing the morphology of your life. This week an important planetary passage is represented by the upper quadrature of Mars which, from Friday 10, "revives" matters of the heart and work even more.

This is a time of immense strength and change, starting in the professional realm. To ride this wave successfully, you must be well-prepared, have a good game plan, and avoid any impediments. The future is bright for people seeking a promotion, a transfer, or any other business-related endeavor. Move, become active, make the appropriate requests in the organization, and disseminate the curriculum. Starting a negotiation now, rather than anticipating or waiting for the other party to knock on your door. Thus, you take the initiative. Just be mindful not to highlight Mars square from March 10 by wearing daring tones. You undoubtedly deserve more, but some others may sneer at the current "it's due to me" attitude. The same goes for this week; try to avoid direct conflicts with superiors, especially on Tuesday the 7th. Do not become irritated if a project is delayed for a few weeks or experiences minor alterations while being built; they are only minor "variations" that do not jeopardize the project's success. Good news: between Thursday, September 9, and Friday, October 10, someone may consider starting over with a new (unexpected) idea, career, or city.

Desire is an art, and sometimes it's vital to consider whether your desires are evident to others and, more importantly, whether they are realistic. The sky of love is still clear and bright for couples, but during this time it is crucial to identify and concentrate on shared objectives with the partner, rather than making excessive demands or drawing attention too much to one's own half of the field. There is something to review, for instance, if all of your sentences begin with "I"! Mars actually starts off with a contentious aspect that can be tense, so exercise caution while imposing your opinions. Even individuals who have recently begun dating or are in the midst of a crisis may feel uncertain or unsure of their intentions at times. Or perhaps the other sends ambiguous signals. In order to truly comprehend what you want, it's crucial that you talk to each other, listen to what they have to say, and, most importantly, realign with yourself. devoid of "discounts". Early in the week, there may be some confusion brought on by misunderstandings or messages "that don't arrive"; try not to make snap judgments. Yet, on Thursday, 9, the sky is favorable for couples seeking children, to explain a problem, as well as to birth a new love: I urge singles to be visible!


Horoscope : weekly (06-12 March) predictions

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