Leo Horoscope : weekly (20-26 february) predictions

Leo Horoscope : weekly (20-26 february) predictions

The last few weeks have been an important test: they have pushed you to face reality, some old problems that – sooner or later – you knew would resurface. The awareness of what is wrong now leaves room for a more active phase where it is possible to "straighten" the aim of one's life goals, both professional and emotional and family.

From this week the Sun leaves the opposition to make some good intentions more concrete. In reality, you've been looking for (or have already found) a new start at work for a few weeks now. Someone is facing a major change, such as a possible transfer, a trial period in a new role or in a new company. It is a sky of movement, which injects new lifeblood and erases the boredom of always doing the same things. But it is also a sky capable of restoring freelancers and freelancers to the "leadership" in their sector, or at least increase the turnover and earnings. This is the last week with Mercury "against", prologue to an even more dynamic and promising month of March, especially in the second part, which will be able to unblock payment delays or stalemate situations. You, however, try to expand your circle of contacts as much as possible by looking for new contacts and allies: in this period, playing at multiple tables pays off! Good opportunities arriving at the beginning of the week: Monday 20th offers the opportunity to assert oneself, to start something new, or to receive an interesting proposal. Friday the 24th, on the other hand, can be more tiring than usual: a conflict with a boss or contact person, a difference of opinion could overheat the climate at work.

In love, the last few weeks may have brought a breath of passion into the lives of singles, but not all donuts succeed with the hole. In certain cases, the need may arise to "straighten" a recent acquaintance: instead of depending on the arrival of a message or an invitation that does not arrive (which, let's face it, is really not like you!) it is better to put things in clear from the start and leave no room for misunderstanding. And for this reason that cunning, undecided, unavailable and unresolved have their hours numbered: inside or outside? Also because Venus and Mars in excellent aspect still have some good encounters to give you and might as well move on to the next one! For those who are still looking for a new love, Monday the 20th can be exciting: of course, it's not the weekend, but I would venture an after-work aperitif. Decisive moment for couples who are trying to catch up after a crisis; the stars are in favor: if you really intend to bridge a distance, put pride aside and take a step towards the other. For those who have their hearts in both sides, the time is approaching to make a more decisive choice. Even in love, be careful not to overheat the tone of discussions on Friday the 24th.


Horoscope : weekly (20-26 february) predictions

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