Leo Horoscope : weekly (20-26 March) predictions

Leo Horoscope : weekly (20-26 March) predictions

Although dotted with small obstacles, the path of the Lion begins to appear clearer. The arrival of the Sun trine, from Monday 20, encourages good ideas and right actions towards your life goals. It will not always be possible to do it "your way", and for this reason the right actions must be able to translate into the right solutions to free you from certain conditionings or certain addictions.

This concept becomes crucial—if not fundamental—to navigating this time, Leo. The title of the March chapter in my book, "Between method and luck," is no accident. Mercury and the Sun, along with Saturn and Uranus, might bring you luck by igniting fresh chances for retaliation or confirmation in the workplace. And for some people, business has already gotten moving in the last few weeks. You must now figure out a way to effectively organize these new inputs in order to make the most of this sky and to solidify your goals, improve your tools, or present your views. For instance, if you were fortunate enough to have the "correct" encounter with a powerful individual, you now need to figure out how to persuade them to launch an initiative for you or finance a project by demonstrating your expertise and clear ideas. Or, if the chance to start a new job has presented itself (even in another city), you need to figure out how to take advantage of it. Be careful not to miss this train by getting caught up in the details of the talks or by refusing to change something if it needs to be changed. Thus, have less ego and more reality. In this regard, hold your mouth throughout the second half of the week (particularly around Thursday, 23), when even exhaustion might not cause you to think favorably. A month's end that signals more pay or the beginning of work with new partners is approaching for freelancers and business owners.

This sky is significant in love because it screams strength and construction with loud words. From the end of the year, Jupiter will fire the "family" and "house" sector, and in light of this new sky, it is now conceivable to begin considering a real estate sale, assessing mortgages, or making paper purchases of realities still under construction. Generally speaking, there is talk of a potential move or move for many people born under this sign, even though this could result in higher initial costs. Beginning with new roots is exactly what the phrase means. Those who have recently (or recently) gone through a crisis are currently attempting to regain ground (and their partner's trust) by making obvious and overt gestures. More realism is required even in romantic relationships, therefore people who don't provide assurances will likely be "removed" from a relationship. You can have (and resolve) a brief talk around Friday, April 24. For singles who are charmed by previous meetings or willing to open their hearts to something new in the coming days, the sky is clear. That takes courage, and that is what matters most. Nothing should be viewed as a game.


Horoscope : weekly (20-26 March) predictions

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