Leo Horoscope : weekly (27 february-05 March) predictions

Leo Horoscope : weekly (27 february-05 March) predictions

What you are traveling through is undoubtedly a sky of conquest and expansion towards new horizons. And above all, it is a sky that is starting to show the first fruits of all that you have been able to sow, cultivate and in some cases "defend" in the past six months.

For some, professionally speaking, this means putting new projects in the pipeline or giving a good boost to already set initiatives, better focusing on desires and objectives. For others it means starting to no longer "tolerate" an unsatisfying work situation: this time, if there is a rubber wall on the other side, many born in the sign begin to think about changing course or looking elsewhere. To the highest bidder. It is a sky - allow me the historical-biblical digression - which recalls the revolt of Spartacus, or the crossing of the Red Sea. Or both. The week begins feisty and combative, with the Moon in fire trigon from Aries on Tuesday 28 and Wednesday 1. Opportunities do not rain from the sky: in some cases it is good to overcome some small resistances (if not laziness) and impose yourself in submitting an application for a transfer, going back on some topics with the boss, pushing to close a good deal. The second half of March is F.A.V.O.L.O.S.A. Did I get the idea? Some small tensions must be managed with caution around Friday the 3rd. Nothing to worry about, just be careful to contain your words: being determined must not lead to "devouring" others, because you could find yourself with a host of "enemies" to face. Or blowing up a negotiation which, on the other hand, can bring you a lot.

Even love follows a course of great determination. As I wrote in previous horoscopes, those who have had a crisis are now ready to make up for lost time with their partner. Or, conversely, to take back the freedom to love someone else. Starting next week, Mars in quadrature will exacerbate some controversies: I advise you to immediately clarify things if there is something wrong. From this week, love lives its most passionate chords: there will be a lot of talk about eros and seduction. In lonely hearts, charm and desire to please are rekindled. Perhaps we cannot speak of "great love" right away, but intense vibrations can arise in the coming weeks. This week radiates "warmth" especially in the first half: Wednesday 1 is persuasive and full of twists and turns. In many cases, love speaks another language, lives in another city, or is generally outside your circle of knowledge. Green light to the projects of couples who love each other, someone could discuss a possible choice or project to be carried forward and implemented by the summer.

Horoscope : weekly (27 february-05 March) predictions

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