Leo Horoscope : weekly (27 March - 02 April) predictions

Leo Horoscope : weekly (27 March - 02 April) predictions

Leo dreams, and being the sign of magnificence, he does it big.

On the other hand, it almost seems that he is anticipating the intentions and potential of a beautiful Jupiter who will visit his Fourth house from next October, illuminating the sector of the family, the home and a new rooting in general. In this period, therefore, it is no coincidence that your thoughts are focused on these very important issues, and on "how I would like my life to be".

The strength of this New Moon, in fact, is precisely to rekindle the ability to dream, but also to concretely plan a leap in quality in a more beautiful personal and professional life, a career leap or an important change in the activity, accompanied in many cases even from moving to another city. I emphasize "concretely" because at this point of the year it is important to start "grounding" one's ambitions, without getting lost in a thousand contortions, and without losing heart in the face of some small difficulty which, with such a beautiful sky, it has no real consequences. From the weekend, in fact, Mercury reaches Mars in quadrature from Taurus, and this could create delays in some work responses or greater commitment in negotiations with the boss or a reference person at work. Don't lose heart: from mid-April you can really achieve a lot, as long as you manage to mediate and not expect the impossible. Another important theme in this period is that of "perfecting" one's skills or inclinations. Many could undertake a professional training course or, in the case of the younger ones, move towards new studies or specializations. In this period it is important to follow your intuition, choose on your stomach rather than reasoning and pulling a thousand problems and conditionings out of the hat that would end up making you say "I can't do it". Tuesday 28 brings good news and excellent energy to carry on your initiatives and support your job requests. On the other hand, a moment of fatigue between Wednesday 29 and Friday 31: many work commitments accumulated or greater distractions, but also nervousness if someone works against you.

In love, a sky of romance awakens in lonely hearts. These last days of March are full of opportunities to meet and allow recent stories to take good steps forward. In this "dream" period you may already see yourself at the altar, but in the next two weeks I have to ask you not to overdo it. Proceed slowly, one step at a time, without immediately showing the other the catalog of your expectations. Mars square could make you impatient and create tension if you don't feel at the center of his attention. Just between us, try to tame the lion inside you at this early stage. In some cases, however, a geographical distance or the commitment of one of the two can justify a little torment. This beginning of the week is positive for the love of those who still have a free heart: of course, however, you have to put in a little personal commitment by showing yourself around. Those who love each other continue their journey towards an important project with their partner: after the summer, many born in this sign will welcome a child, move to a new home or pronounce the fateful "yes". Small drop or discussions in the couple around Thursday 30, especially if there are expenses in sight or not budgeted for. And if the other one doesn't immediately reply to your message... you can do it by waiting!


Horoscope : weekly (27 March - 02 April) predictions

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