Libra Horoscope : weekly (01-08 May) predictions

Libra Horoscope : weekly (01-08 May) predictions

Libra Gather Your Courage and Begin Your Transformation: Overcoming Uncertainty in Life

Dear Libra despite there being an underlying sense of uncertainty, it's time to gather up your courage and determination and begin your transformation. I'm convinced that the first part of the year has been useful in figuring out the direction your life should take and what clothing to wear. Now that you've gone through all the rites of passage, from getting your ears pierced to smoking your first cigarette, it's time to translate this inner process into concrete and tangible action. Show the world what the new you is made of!

This is a week of great momentum for your work initiatives. On Wednesday 3rd, the First Quarter Moon in Leo provides a clearer perspective on what your future commitments should be. It's possible to plan, organize, and clarify any confusion in a project or work dynamic. The Mars trine helps you push forward if you encounter resistance from a colleague, boss, or negotiator. Anything related to "sharing," from sharing profits or workloads, is now clarified with firmness. In some cases, especially if you have a subordinate role, it's wise to adopt a careful strategy and subtle communication if you don't want to worsen relationships in the coming weeks. From Tuesday 2nd to Thursday 4th, you can close a deal, receive good news, and, in some cases, strengthen a useful contact for collaboration or to resolve a legal issue. May is undoubtedly a busy and demanding month, but it will lead straight to a satisfying and confirming June.

The same determination can be seen in matters of the heart. The single Libra is walking alone, probably due to the effect of the independent you. But deep down, do you really want to be that independent? There's no going back, and that submissive and self-sacrificing Libra belongs to the past. However, it's necessary to try to balance the scales and find a "Danny Zuko" who can understand this new version of you. Venus is in opposition, but in good communication with a Mars that urges her to dare, to get back on track, especially by erasing the shadows of the past. This sky is too beautiful to remain anchored to an inconclusive ex or one who simply no longer corresponds to your new aspirations. The second half of the month will be more engaging for new acquaintances, but in the meantime, this week you can meet a "special" friend who can awaken your heart. Monday 1st is a subdued day, somewhat nervous, but from Wednesday 3rd, you can focus on love again. The weekend is regenerating with the Moon in your sign, and those who love are planning something important for the summer. "Push-and-pull" relationships are being defined: the worst crises are over, so - to sum up - now it's up to you to decide where to take your heart.


Horoscope : weekly (01-08 May) predictions

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