Libra Horoscope : weekly (20-26 february) predictions

Libra Horoscope : weekly (20-26 february) predictions

Welcome to the check slip, dear Libra. We have talked a lot about this Jupiter in the sign that he pushes you to say "I'm starting over with me", which leads you to (re) place yourself at the center of the scene without overreacting to the needs and requirements of the other. We talked about it at length because it perhaps represents the most important and precious growth theme of your journey with Jupiter beside you. And precisely on this theme, your heaven is now calling you to "take your exams". Oh yes, because a series of situations you are experiencing could put you in front of one of the most difficult crossroads for you: choosing yourself or others? It is not an easy exam, because this controversial sky rekindles some old dynamics, brings to the fore old feelings of guilt or awe towards some "figures who condition you, both at an emotional-family and professional level.

And starting from work, you have all the credentials to pass this control "exam" with flying colours, dear Libra. Because with Jupiter next to you and Saturn sextile your sky speaks loudly of "success". But it's important that you follow the indications of your inner truths and don't care who would like to stop you, slow you down, bring you back "to the ground" by leveraging some of your apparent certainties (including economic ones). Remember the popular wisdom of the motto "because I'm worth it", because now more than ever it must become your mantra. Here, in fact, it is no longer a question of mediating, but of going to the essence of things, of being more dry in skimming situations and collaborations that create disturbance. This doesn't necessarily mean "eliminate", but also just "fix" decisively, putting things back in an order that can work for you, make things flow well and give you more confidence. For the youngest of the sign this is a delicate period, in which Hamletic questions could arise about the direction to give to life. Opportunities are not lacking, Mercury is still favourable, but you have to know how to choose. Wednesday 22nd can bring more tiredness and nervousness, and in some cases it puts you in front of an important confrontation or test.

The same day (that of the 22nd) can also represent a testing ground for some couples in crisis. In this sense, however, a distinction must be made between those who "concretely" have no other way out than separation and those who are - pass me the term - exaggerating the problems with their partner. In this period you need to devote more time and energy to yourself, to feed yourself and take care of your things, but this does not mean in the least that you are "cheating" on a love. It's a new (and healthier) attitude that leads you to listen (and make others listen) to your needs and if it creates a certain sense of guilt ... well, it's time to shake it off. Jupiter pushes you to say "I'm here too!" and we, as it were, thank him for this "shot" of self-awareness. Talking about it directly to the partner, without too many mental "pippes", can help to untie this knot. Sometimes even the sense of responsibility towards the family can weigh. Good recovery Friday 24th and Saturday 25th, intriguing days also for singles, who in this period are looking for people with clear ideas. For this reason, if it doesn't fully convince you, move on to the next one!


Horoscope : weekly (20-26 february) predictions

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