Libra Horoscope : weekly (27 february-05 March) predictions

Libra Horoscope : weekly (27 february-05 March) predictions

Action… reaction! I think there is no better way to describe a period that sees you "resisting" the oppositions of Mars and Venus. There are some situations that seem to "challenge" you, verify how far you can stay "focused" on yourself and your goals: you no longer feel like arguing, wasting time with those who want to waste your time. This time we do as you say, whatever the cost.

A "fumantine" premise, I would say, fueled at the beginning of the week also by the perfect conjunction of Mars and Uranus opposite Jupiter in the sign. Although this is a fertile period for your work, for many born under this sign the time has come to clarify a situation with a boss, a partner, a collaborator, to review strategies and operating methods. Or to stand up to certain criticisms from colleagues, people who would like to put you off track. You know what you're worth, that's why I invite you not to fuel certain controversies with those who play to get on your nerves with useless provocations: better to turn your back. Evaluate each type of (re)action this week, because you could also displace everyone (especially those who try to get in your way) with a drastic and unconventional choice. In this sense, take a deep breath on Tuesday 28 and Wednesday 1, when the opposition of the Moon arouses a little irritation. This emotional whirlwind could also have to do with some past bills, expenses and bad debts, paperwork that you now need to sort out.

On the emotional front, many born under the sign may be struggling with a situation concerning the house (a sale, a rent to unravel, a further move) or that there are family responsibilities that require their attention. Well, dear Libra, I would like you to take this week as a "parenthesis" which undoubtedly creates effort, but which at the same time pushes you to recreate a "healthy" habitat in which to cultivate your aspirations, an orderly system which does not make you live constantly in trouble and that you also reserve time for yourself and for your things. Because, in this period, many just don't know who to give the remains to! Anyone experiencing the initial stages of a new relationship may have some doubts, especially if he doesn't feel loved or respected enough, or the other's attentions leave something to be desired. It could be... but be careful not to exaggerate quarrels and problems and not to assume an opinionated attitude. If you can, postpone any discussion until next week when Mars has finished opposition. Lonely hearts are not very prone to bonds, few interesting encounters, even if the attitude towards feelings remains open. At the moment we prefer to maintain relationships as friendships. Anyone whose heart is split between two stories could make a surprising decision this week.

Horoscope : weekly (27 february-05 March) predictions

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