Libra Horoscope : weekly (27 March - 02 April) predictions

Libra Horoscope : weekly (27 March - 02 April) predictions

In this period, the many "oppositions" from Aries seem like gauntlets that do not always hide subterfuges or enemies.

They are tests that push you to take up new positions in your work or in your feelings, solicitations to do better for yourself and for your future. On the other hand, your sky speaks loudly of an important leap in quality, and to meet it you need to welcome challenges without hiding.

In the professional field it's time to choose, to take part in your change without life choosing for you. For many it could be the beginning of an intermediate phase, a watershed between past and future where we can slowly "greet" what has been and "welcome" new opportunities that are being created right now. This could manifest itself in different forms, and it doesn't necessarily have to lead to Copernican revolutions. For some, it means taking action to obtain a transfer of headquarters or city, a promotion or a change of job capable of motivating more and better enhancing skills, or for a realignment of roles with partners and collaborators. Then there are those who are thinking of something completely new, more independent or even "entrepreneurial". Even if this may involve greater effort or make you not entirely ready, don't deny it, because this is exactly what - albeit unconsciously - you are asking of your life: to take a leap towards the sky of a new independence. At the beginning of the week (and especially on Tuesday 28th) you may feel the need to restore order with partners or collaborators, or to go back to an issue by reaffirming your position. In some cases, even to make choices that until now you hadn't budgeted for. In short, everything can be called into question, relaunched and improved, if you have the ability to take up a challenge without holding back. Friday the 31st is a splendid day for solutions, good news, or for planning a more "personal" work initiative. In this period, alongside the "main" profession, a parallel project may emerge, initially little more than a simple hobby, which, however, if I were you, I would give a chance because over time it can grow a lot. From the end of April, Jupiter will give its best: the canvas is blank, now it's up to you to select which pastels to use.

Speaking of love, Libra, I want to tell you: you're beautiful like this and you're doing well like this. The opposition of Venus (among other things also retrograde) could make you feel uncomfortable with your physical shape and with your beauty. And she may make you feel inadequate in some new or hypothetical relationship. Some stunts of this sky awaken the desire to please, but also make you very (self)critical. I believe that in this period your evaluations can be altered by an overly "judgmental" attitude. Don't be afraid to show new sides of yourself that, for once, don't prioritize each other, but put your desires at the top of the list. Under this sky, you "win" if you express your true essence, for better or for "evil". It is a bit as if this Libra 2.0 should draw inspiration from its opposite (Aries), learning a bit of that healthy cheek: I am like this, if it suits you, fine. Otherwise, too bad for you. For couples in crisis, in this period a new "clandestine story" can be synonymous with a new "emotional vitality". It certainly doesn't resolve the situation with the "official" partner but it can still be an important counterpart to understanding where to direct the heart. Around Tuesday 28 be careful not to cause an uproar with your partner, not to accept a provocation from an ex or from a new acquaintance. Nothing that can scratch the most solid feelings, but some of your fragility can be highlighted more by the other. Good recovery over the weekend, between Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 singles must break the spell of laziness and be seen around: early to talk about love, but at least you keep in training.


Horoscope : weekly (27 March - 02 April) predictions

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