Libra Weekly love horoscope (December 12-18)

Libra Weekly love horoscope (December 12-18)

Do not withdraw into yourself, in the second week of December, the love horoscope predicts a fatal acquaintance.

Stop worrying if you've recently experienced personal setbacks. The anticipation of the holiday is filled with joy: this is the best time to start over in life.

Jealousy can have a negative impact on Libra's life: the start of the week will be hectic. Venus in Capricorn represents a strong personality, as well as the ability to sacrifice others for one's own good. If you are bored with your partner, do not bother him and try to hurt him as much as possible; instead, simply end the relationship.

Consider the consequences before inflicting evil on your partner; fights in the middle of the week are unacceptable. The Sun in Sagittarius makes it difficult to concentrate; thoughts race through your mind. The weekly love horoscope for Libra suggests that you take a vacation. Don't think about anything, no matter what kind of vacation you take.

Disagreements with your loved one will not overshadow the weekend, Libra will be calm and peaceful. The Moon in Libra aids in understanding the emotions of others. Even if things do not go as planned in a relationship, there is no reason to give up. Retire with your partner so that nothing will distract you from the important discussion.

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