Marie Kondo with KonMari method helpd people organize their spaces.

Marie Kondo with KonMari method helpd people organize their spaces.

To date, there is no credible evidence or information indicating that Marie Kondo has given up tidying or that she is no longer promoting her KonMari Method.

First and foremost, who is this "lady of order"? Marie Kondo is a 35-year-old Japanese-born author of home economics books. She is the creator of the KonMari method, a system for better organizing living spaces (ever smaller) with the goal of improving one's own and one's family's quality of life. We recommend her books "The magical power of tidying up" and "96 lessons of happiness" for a more in-depth study. These books contain all of the tricks for rearranging all of the rooms using a painstaking logic and methodology.

If you dislike reading, have little time or desire, but do not want to give up learning to tidy up using the KonMari method, there is a solution for you as well: Netflix released an eight-episode docuseries in which Marie assists various types of families in repairing their homes. It makes no difference if the house is small or if the family is large if you are denied and every time you try to tidy up, it appears worse than before. Trust me, if you take her advice step by step, you will completely transform your life.

Meanwhile, until you order a book by her or subscribe to Netflix (we can't believe you don't already), here are a few of her main points.

Remove everything that isn't absolutely necessary: Marie demonstrates how to hold an object in your hand; if this does not elicit a specific emotion, she suggests discarding it. From clothing to kitchenware: What do you want to do if you never use it? Sort by category: Start with a category in the room rather than a room. This is to avoid the dreaded "I fixed it, but it's worse than before" scenario. A simple category from which to begin practicing: The drawer containing underwear and socks!

Keep the things that excite you: If you should throw away what does not excite you, you should also keep what makes you happy. Don't get carried away and then kick yourself the next day! We don't want to see you crying and cursing Marie Kondo as you run to the drop-off location. You simply must discover this magical method; your new home will be grateful (and you too).

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