New games of the week for The sony PS5 and sony PS4 ( 16-22 January)

New games of the week for The sony PS5 and sony PS4 ( 16-22 January)

These are all the Sony PlayStation releases (for PS5 and PS4) arriving this week . Persona 3 Portable, Persona 4 Golden, A Space for the Unbound and Monster Hunter Rise

The list of new games releasing on PS5 and PS4 in the week of 16-22 January is led by the latest chapters of sports franchises and above all.

Persona 3 Portable (PS4-PS5)

Persona 3 Portable returns to new platforms after being restricted to the PlayStation 2 and the never-forgotten PlayStation Portable. The title's name suggests the nature of the game, which was adapted for the small Sony house following the success of Persona 3 and Persona 3 FES on PlayStation 2. P3P has since evolved into a sort of semi-final version of the game, incorporating some of the improvements seen in Persona 4, but foregoing the exploratory component outside of the dungeons.

Persona 5's success has boosted the series' popularity in the West, particularly in Europe. So here's the question I'll try to answer: why recover Persona 3 Portable in 2023, in this version? Atlus' seminal title is still regarded as an excellent turn-based jrpg today. The exploration of Tartarus has a very traditional dungeon crawler feel to it, but the combat system is already quite dynamic and deep.

The player has complete control over the party, allowing him to exploit enemy weaknesses and create longer chains of attacks. Given Persona 3 Portable's ability to punish at higher difficulties, the mechanics of using the Personas, as well as their fusion in the Velvet Room, are critical to creating a sufficiently varied and effective part.

Persona 4 (PS4-PS5)

Persona 4 is a contemporary RPG set in a Japanese high school. Players assume the role of Yu Narukami, a high school student who is canonically known as Yu Narukami. Yu, as a new student at the school, must find a way to adjust to school life, make new friends, and improve his social standing among his peers.

Yu quickly makes new friends and becomes entangled in a supernatural murder mystery. The friends must balance the real world, their new Persona abilities, and a world within the TV. As you might expect, Persona 4 Golden is a deep game with a plethora of characters to interact with and form social bonds with, providing additional playtime outside of the main story.

Persona 4, like the other games in the Persona series and indeed Shin Megami Tensei, is a lengthy game. Persona 4 Golden will take players approximately 68 hours to complete the main story, according to data collected by How Long To Beat. The main story and side content should take about 85 hours to finish.

A Space for the Unbound (PS4-PS5)

The story of A Space For The Unbound takes place in rural Indonesia in the 1990s. The player takes on the role of Atma, a young high school student who witnesses unusual events in his small town. He attempts to find answers by peering into people's minds in the style of Inception, and begins to piece together connections between the changing world, his high school sweetheart, and a mysterious little girl who keeps reappearing in his dreams.

Mojiken has successfully combined magical abilities and a simple life adventure with a portrayal of magical realism that truly captures what works well in that genre. The magical elements are not used to justify unusual occurrences, but rather to explore character and story, especially as the player's sense of unease grows. This component works in part because of the setting of A Space For The Unbound.

The locations the player will visit feel like they are part of a well-crafted city full of authentic and strange characters, with one memorable section featuring a gang of young bikers being beaten up by a local official who enjoys a Street Fighter-style fighting game.

Monster Hunter Rise  (PS4-PS5)

The player's story will begin in Kamura, a quiet village famous for Tatara steel that will serve as the setting for your adventures.

Inside, there are several important structures for hunters, such as the Forge, and it is inhabited by friendly characters who are eager to help you on your journey. The first meeting will be with Hinoa and Minoto, the guild's Missionary and Receptionist, respectively.

The two will lead the player to Fugen, the village elder, who will introduce us to Utsushi, the first master, and we will begin training. It will be necessary to become a skilled hunter in order to save the village from the Fury.

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