No Motivation Monday

No Motivation Monday

We've all had that strange Monday morning melancholy attack where the weekend seems to have flown by too quickly and it's difficult to get out of bed.

For some, however, surviving Monday morning is an ongoing battle, and the beginning of the week presents an insurmountable challenge.

Try to be rested and fresh for work on Monday.

Never underestimate the impact of fatigue and stress on your ability to function on Monday morning. Getting enough sleep and rest can help you feel more energized and motivated at the start of the week.

What is the goal of your position?

Beyond simply surviving Monday morning, everyone requires a long-term purpose or vision to feel engaged and motivated. What motivates you to do this job? Why do you value your work and the outcomes it produces? Examine why you chose your current job and concentrate on what makes it valuable and important to you. How can these reasons be found again if they have changed or vanished? To feel motivated, you must first understand the true purpose of your weekly commitment...which extends far beyond your paycheck and ability to survive Monday morning.

Examine your job dissatisfaction thoroughly.

If you continue to struggle to get out of bed on Monday morning, it is critical to pinpoint the source of your ailment. Perhaps you are overworked and undervalued, or perhaps you are not sufficiently challenged.

If getting through Monday mornings is a constant source of dread and nothing seems to lift your spirits, it may be time to consider a career change. Consider what you want from a new job and which aspects of your previous experience have particularly satisfied you.

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