Paolo Maldini was a tireless defender and a notorious pest to opponents.

Paolo Maldini was a tireless defender and a notorious pest to opponents.

He is torn with being Italian and playing for Italy’s eternal rivals, Inter Milan.

Maldini Paolo, best known as Pirlo, is an Italian soccer star who played 22 seasons with Milan.

Born in the Lombardy region in 1979 to a chemical technician mother and a fan club president father, Pirlo grew up playing at his older brother Sonny’s side; they teamed up to play for Milan’s local club.

Pirlo had always been the taller and smaller of the two brothers, but Sonny advised him to train for goalkeeping instead because he didn't want Paolo to fight his size. His natural intelligence with the ball helped Pirlo as he refined his own style of play after joining MIlan's youth team (1993), which was—and still is—known for being one of the top youth academies in all of Europe.

Paolo Maldini is an Italian footballer, who captained the A.C. Milan football club during the club's dominance of football in Europe and world

"Paolo Maison, a retired professional footballer player, was well known for being a successful defender. This was partly due to an iconic fifteen-year playing career with Serie A club ACM Milan."

Maldini is one of the few football players to have played for the club throughout the entire professionally playing career, having won 26 trophies in his 25 years and culminating in his appointment on 8 June 2008 as the AC Milan Club Director

Maldini was born in Milan on 26 June 1968. He appeared 125 times with Italy between 1985 and 2004, scoring six goals. He played most of his career with Milan, usually as a defender (two-time European champion

Maldini signed with Milan in 1985 it was to become a player who changed the history and imagination at Milan. He spent his 25 years playing for Ac Milan is never so persuasive, captaining the team with more than 1000 appearances that brought up world champion.

In 2003 he left AC Milan on retirement and Manchester United's Patrice Evra has stated that: "For me he is not only a role model but also my idol".

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