Pisces Horoscope : weekly (01-08 May) predictions

Pisces Horoscope : weekly (01-08 May) predictions

Resolute Pisces and The Strength of Beliefs and Values

You are resolute in your beliefs and values, Pisces, which earns you a strong position. However, gaining the respect of those around you is important to you, and it seems that someone is testing your patience at the moment. As mentioned last week, there is a tangle of impatience and anger that needs to be resolved before you can find complete peace.

Many of your frustrations seem to stem from work, where dynamics or relationships have become intolerable. Some are facing changes in the upper management, as well as precarious or "constrictive" situations, leaving you with little choice but to wait for a more favorable time to pursue a leap in quality, which may even involve changing companies. Between Thursday 4th and Friday 5th, many Pisces will discuss their work future passionately, or a negotiation that is causing discomfort. It's best not to respond to provocations from bosses, partners, or references and instead find new allies. This advice also applies to freelancers who may need help with their workload.

This stressful period at work may affect your relationships, so try to disconnect and take a short, relaxing trip to regain your energy and focus on your well-being. Slowing down is recommended, even if it means taking a vacation or changing your lifestyle. If you are expecting a child, take this advice doubly seriously. Recent acquaintances or friendships may bring misunderstandings that need to be clarified. It's essential to communicate your intentions and desires to avoid confusion. For singles, the May 1st holiday may bring moments of passion, but take the time to get to know the person before diving into a relationship.


Horoscope : weekly (01-08 May) predictions

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