Pisces Horoscope : weekly (03 - 09 April ) predictions

Pisces Horoscope : weekly (03 - 09 April ) predictions

Venus's return to the scene (no, you're not dreaming; she was in Aries, entered the reverse, and returned to you) is a sentimental windfall in your life.

A feeling you have that rules your actions, that beats alive in your blood, but that occasionally becomes a little too understood: impatient, rebellious, determined then uncertain, meek then once again impatient and rebellious. It matters that your life's origins are clarified, and I'm confident you'll do so soon.

particularly those who are adherents. We start this week with love, which could bring some changes to singles' hearts in the first few days (between 3, and 4). Perhaps a recent encounter, perhaps someone from the past who is attempting a fresh approach, or simply a rediscovered desire to have someone by your side. Keep in mind that love for you is always a difficult issue to resolve since no one can come into your life without promising promises or removing the Moon from the sky and giving it to you. There is movement, but it is not what you would like at this time. At this point, however, I'll ask you to do something with your life: did you manage to find a middle ground between "lo/a love I can't help but admire" and "I wish she would leave me alone" ? Play this "game" without judgment, live it, and the rest will follow. The future of some projects with the partner is also based on this oscillation; it is difficult to get into the specifics of every relationship, but if there is a chance to regain ground, mediate, or take some time to make a decision, then don't get caught. The older couples that they like don't worry about these snares (which sometimes relate to one another), but they can discuss financial or family issues regarding Sunday with their partner. The time is still good for planning a wedding or, if you want a child, for giving life to life.

Maintain a certain emotional flow even in your professional endeavors. Particularly for independent professionals, those who work for a company or with a client portfolio, Mercurio's positive outlook unavoidably encourages travel and the opportunity to expand one's network of contacts in the workplace. At a brief moment, one can discuss a blockade if there are uncertainties or issues in business. To be sure, you might find yourself having to reconsider a situation or change your mind several times in the coming weeks. In spite of more or less specific improvement promises or recently achieved results, some people nonetheless feel as though they are in a "wrong place." In the meantime, try to clarify your thoughts on what you hope to gain from your work. The days leading up to 4 are interesting, but on Sunday, you might encounter a boss or another professional who is important to your job on some level. Watch out for the door handles for independent contractors and workers because there can be additional fees in the second half of the month.


Horoscope : weekly (03 - 09 April ) predictions

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