Pisces Horoscope : weekly (06-12 february) predictions

Pisces Horoscope : weekly (06-12 february) predictions

You are in the midst of a preparatory phase, which in the coming weeks will lead you to more evident transformations in your life. Even if at times in this period your sky seems to be based more on waiting than on action, soon everything will start moving again and many things will change around you.

If you are considering a move for professional or personal reasons, you should consider it in geographical terms as well. What is important is that there will be movement. Meanwhile, you can continue your recently activated projects and initiatives this week.

If you're in a working break-in period, now is a good time to show what you're made of, or to profitably continue what you started in the last few weeks. Wednesday 8 can be beneficial for proposing and proposing, as well as beginning to focus on a potential change.

Begin and end the weekend with a little "humorous" in the affections. We are not in a bad period, but sometimes you allow yourself to be influenced by external factors such as work, family, or excessive expenses that affect the couple's ménage. While waiting for the Sun to return to the sign, one could make a summary of feelings, that is, pay attention to what he "has" (between partners and projects) and understand how to give more impulse and color to one's life. We've been acting since the end of the month, so some reflection is in order. The "direction" is in your hands, and as I mentioned last week, everything (will) fall into place. If this sentence still sounds "nebulous" to you, don't worry; you'll understand it soon.


Horoscope : weekly  (06-12 february) predictions 

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