Pisces Horoscope : weekly (13-19 March) predictions

Pisces Horoscope : weekly (13-19 March) predictions

Welcome to the last week with the Sun in the sign! Even for the "latecomers" of the third decade the time has come to blow out the candles and express the most beautiful and deepest wishes, under a fertile sky ready to welcome them. In fact, the return of the sun is the moment of great "departures", the right scenario to focus on the trajectories of a change or to aspire to something more.

Although not everyone in the professional world strives for radical change, they have surely been raising the bar for expectations for the past few weeks, especially if they believe they are not receiving what they are due. And now that Mars is well-positioned in the house of "communication," we may speak with clarity and avoid misunderstandings. Even if they have endured the difficulties or changes of some top management, those who have kept the same position for years are aware that the moment has come to receive what was promised.

Right now, not getting what you deserve means going to "open war" with your supervisor, a coworker, or another work referent. Although you are the least "materialistic" sign of the zodiac, it is less about "having" than it is about "giving yourself" the appropriate possibilities. Those who think about moving to a different firm or city actually do it, and they select new partners who are more like them when it comes to sharing an activity or an investment. It is carried out by people who accept what is owed to them without waiting for approval, even at the risk of a change. On Wednesday, May 15, to Friday, May 17, during the workweek, fantastic redemption possibilities and good news are approaching. These are incredibly advantageous days for anyone who has to close a deal or sign a contract. Those that intend to start new businesses, expand their operations to other cities, or otherwise "innovate" must create a realistic and "armored" "financial payback plan" in order to avoid having their funds run dry.

Between messages that make you leap and fresh encounters that revive the heart, the same days from March 15 to 17 are also the finest for romantic relationships. And there will be a lot of news in the upcoming weeks! But what really strikes me about this time is how your perspective on love is shifting—no it's longer completely self-denial, but rather a sharper concentration that emphasizes your independence. Of course, every now and then there is a small "whim", but in the end it goes well with your new, more decided and resolute look. It won't be difficult to replace a recent friend with someone more interesting during the week if things haven't gone well. Nevertheless, "demanding" also refers to knowing what you want, so choose wisely! Loved-up couples should take advantage of this time, especially if they want to make a significant shift in the fall. On Sunday, January 19, there may be some tension due to a family or economic crisis, which might cause a slight decline in business toward the weekend. To quote the good connoisseur, "melodramas" and "pessimism" are forbidden!


Horoscope : weekly (13-19 March) predictions

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