Pisces Horoscope : weekly (27 March - 02 April) predictions

Pisces Horoscope : weekly (27 March - 02 April) predictions

A sky continues that speaks loudly of action and concreteness.

It is no longer the time for vague and confused ideas of change, or for desires in the bottle in the hope that the cosmos will pick them up. All of this is very important, please, in some stages of our journey. While in others it is necessary to roll up one's sleeves and act, having clear goals in mind and adopting the right strategies, without expecting that others will interpret them. These are central themes in the sky of the period and this New Moon in your astrological second house.

Surely in the workplace this becomes crucial if you are still waiting for an answer from a contact person or a boss. Someone has already achieved an economic or career boost in the past few weeks, but much more can be conquered in the first half of April. As the new transit of Mercury in Taurus suggests, it's time to propose and offer yourself without fear of rivalry and competition, to ask and clarify your position in the company if you want to be "recognized". This new temper is perfect if you are part of a work team and want to affirm your idea on a project. Mars and Pluto in a good aspect are great motivators for your work initiatives: don't let laziness (which is often nothing more than a mask of insecurity) hold you back and get moving. "Money" can make the difference on a choice between two proposals, even if it's important for you right now to rise from an uncomfortable or secondary position. You become the protagonist. Meanwhile, this is a week from which to expect a lot, especially the days around Monday 27 and Friday 31 can give good news or encourage good economic income. Greater caution for those who find themselves in a company in full-blown crisis: do not settle for provisional answers and "sleeping caresses". In fact, if I really have to be honest, don't settle for staying there anymore. Look elsewhere, because from the end of April there is a risk of raising the tone of the discussions (and some disputes).

Love, at least for this week, takes a bit of a back seat. There are many commitments on the work front, and some signs of fatigue appear in married life. Nothing to worry about but try to leave your anxieties in the office. Work and heart are also linked for another reason: many are trying to concretely consolidate or improve their professional position in view of an important "two" project with a partner to be carried out after the summer. And "concreteness" is also one of the keywords that singles of the sign are looking for in new encounters: you are tired of the usual "unqualified", but apparently they are all like that. Are you perhaps exaggerating the idealism and expectations you project on new encounters? Anyone in a clandestine relationship demands clarity, but doesn't have the strength to arrive at a clearer choice. There is still a trace of passivity in the air that leads to situations slipping away. Starting next week, you will wear a more aggressive, determined and resolute attitude. Right now, however, I invite you to awaken your heart and understand which direction to take. The weekend can see some controversy, especially Saturday 1, a day to be taken with a grain of salt. The most recent stories continue amidst doubts and confusion.


Horoscope : weekly (27 March - 02 April) predictions

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