Pisces Weekly love horoscope (December 12-18)

Pisces Weekly love horoscope (December 12-18)

In a relationship, a break may be needed, the weekly love horoscope for the second week of December does not rule out a romantic infatuation.

Flirting, compliments, and date invitations are all easily overlooked. Consider whether you are willing to jeopardize your relationship for a fleeting pleasure - passion is fleeting.

Pisces will be ready for a lot of love as the week begins. Venus in the sign of Capricorn is responsible for rational thinking, makes you think about practical things. Allow yourself a little frenzy, even if it comes at the expense of the family budget. Don't think about money; instead, enjoy all the luxuries.

There will be an opportunity for a brief change of scenery in the middle of the week. Under the influence of the Sun in the sign of Sagittarius, daring endeavors appear to be simple. The Pisces weekly love horoscope suggests taking a day off or a short vacation. You deserve a rest, so try to regain your strength.

A weekend is an opportunity for shy Pisces to make changes in their personal life. The Moon in Libra enjoys making new friends, even if they are fleeting. When you go shopping, don't forget to put your house in order. You could meet your end among the merchandise shelves or in the parking lot.

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