POiSON ANNA - Releases Brand New Single/video 96 Heat (Ft. Jwles)

POiSON ANNA - Releases Brand New Single/video 96 Heat (Ft. Jwles)

London-based artist POiSON ANNA releases brand new video/single 96 Heat, featuring rising Parisian MC Jwles.

Produced by long-time collaborator Mobbs, the track’s darkly hypnotic basslines and irresistible 808s reflect the slickly dystopic tones that previous littered her debut mixtape EXCELSiA. Shot in Paris’ 18th and featuring both artists, the surreal visuals reference everything from Belgian artist René Magritte’s work to old 60’s comics.

Since the release of EXCELSiA, POiSON ANNA has emerged as one of the most distinct and singular British visionaries of recent times and 2022 saw no signs of the artist slowing down. Last year alone, Anna performed with previous collaborator Dean Blunt at his only UK/European show, supported Jungle, debuted her first exhibition Ferns Awake, performed new piece TRiBAL TWiNat Late Nights at Tate and also created a new art video alongside Nick Knight’s legendary Showstudio entitled Bodies of Knowledge. With each piece carefully crafted with pursuit of self-knowledge and truth, her art serves as a seductive reaction to the perils and dangers of modern society.

Speaking on 96 Heat, POiSON ANNA says “we shot this video in the streets of the 18th because we wanted to pay homage to the real districts of Paris and its nature. It was important for me to establish who Jwles and I are as individuals. With the video, I wanted to create ambiguity around whether it was Jwls leading Anna astray or vis versa.”

Fusing an intoxicating and unique blend of dub, trip-hop and UK rap with poise and personality, POiSON ANNA’s music is a meditation on a very personal journey of self-discovery and reflection in an ultimately broken and misguided society. Despite only one mixtape to her name – 2021’s EXCELSiA – which was produced by Mobbs and mixed by Jake Gordon (J Hus, Skepta, Burna Boy), she’s built-up support from tastemakers such as Mary-Anne Hobbs, Benji B, Clash, Dazed, i-D, Crack, The Fader & Loud & Quiet to name just a few and collaborated with fellow artistic visionaries A$AP Rocky and Dean Blunt.

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