Polyamory or monogamy? What is Better

Polyamory or monogamy? What is Better

The choice between polyamory and monogamy is a highly personal decision that depends on individual values, beliefs, and desires.

Polygamy is characteristic of many species. Monogamous and polygamous animals are in fact a very different percentage of each other, with a majority of those being polygamous. What does polygamy mean first of all?

To get a clear picture of what polygamy is, we can turn to the dictionary that gives its meaning. The word polygamy comes from the Greek poly "very" and gamos "marriage": the term literally means "multiple marriages".

In common usage, the word polygamy is synonymous with polygyny, a legally recognized matrimonial condition (for example by Muslim and Hindu law), which sees the marriage of a man with more than one wife.
Polygamy is frequently found in West and Central African cultures. The highest number of polygamous relationships is found in Burkina Faso (36%) with a diffusion among people who practice popular religions (45%), Muslims (40%) and Christians (24%).

The reasons underlying this relational conduct do not have only religious reasons.

In most cases, not being in a monogamous relationship is a lifestyle choice for everyone involved.

When did humans become monogamous? Although polygamy is practiced in various cultures today, human beings still tend towards monogamy. However, this was not the norm among our ancestors.

Indeed, anthropologists say that modern monogamous culture has only been around for 1,000 years. Among the most plausible hypotheses that have led to this social evolution, the high incidence of the drastic increase in sexually transmitted diseases as a result of polygamous relationships makes its way.

Infections that led to impaired fertility (think of syphilis, chlamydia and gonorrhea). Treatments for these conditions were previously unavailable, giving monogamy an edge to continue the species.

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