Prepare Some Romantic Meals To Discover for Valentine's day

Prepare Some Romantic Meals To Discover for Valentine's day

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and you're looking for ways to make it extra special! Surprise them at home with a romantic meal that you prepared yourself - get inspired with our guide now!

February 14th is getting closer and closer and we certainly cannot be caught unprepared! Little gifts, surprises but above all a nice Valentine's menu will make this day of lovers even more special. First of all, the suggestion is to focus on the choice of menu: meat, fish or vegan, so as to give the right balance to the courses and not mix genres and flavours. But let's discover together some recipes for Valentine's Day: put on the stove, tie up your apron and let's go!

As we have already anticipated, it is very important to select the type of Valentine's lunch or dinner and to orientate the entire menu. If you opt for meat, it might be nice to start with savory fruit skewers: a classic is pear and soft cheese, but if you want to aim for something more innovative, you could think of grapes and spicy zola or even apples and cubes of speck. The guacamole sauce will also be perfect for a vegan menu, as will the other delicious recipes with avocado: bruschetta with avocado and cherry tomatoes or avocado chips, to be accompanied with a tasty pepper sauce, are an excellent idea.

For the fish menu, the idea is a delicate but very sparkling risotto with lemon. All you have to do is add a touch of grated lemon peel to the initial sautéed butter or oil and onion and then, when deglazing the rice with the white wine, add the filtered juice of a lemon. When you prepare the sautéed oil and garlic, remember not to brown the garlic too much, otherwise the sauce will become bitter. For the vegan menu, both first courses will be ideal but to give an extra touch to the Valentine's Day party, try the ginger, lemon and mint-scented gnocchi.

The dishes that we suggest, as you can see, are quite simple to make but they preserve this attitude of wanting to amaze the eyes and the palate, seeking new and decisive flavors but without offending the classicism of the dishes. For those who love intense flavours, it is also possible to add a few slices of fresh ginger. Extra tip: sprinkle with a little curry in the last two minutes of cooking. The result will be a fabulous second course for those who love simple, genuine but tasty dishes at the right point.

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