Problems of Entrepreneurship

Problems of Entrepreneurship

What do entrepreneurs have in common? They're risk takers. But what happens when they fail?

These internet entrepreneurs and creatives are in the minority and are facing less than pleasant problems. There is a lack of knowledge about how to bring about change for the better, a lack of support from friends and family, and only other entrepreneurs to talk to.

What’s more, today’s startup founders are extraordinarily conscientious. They grow cautiously, scrabbling at revenue rather than dreaming about exponential growth. A startup entrepreneur has a foolproof plan for financial stability; if it doesn’t work out, he quits his job and starts over with an idea he thinks will work better (chances are he never tasted success).

A new study has found that most people who start a company do so because they have no good job prospects or they "hate" their previous employer; they don't harbor any dreams of wealth beyond whatever funding they need to pay rent.

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Inevitably, entrepreneurs will encounter problematic situations when they are running their startups. For example, there are cash-flow issues, hiring difficulties and challenging clients.

Entrepreneurship can seem like a dream job. After all, it comes with many perks, like being able to work on your own time, using flexible hours and setting your own schedule. But there are risks that an individual entrepreneur takes on.

Some of the common issues that are faced by entrepreneurs include developing their business model to engage their audiences and finance the startup incurred, for starters.

Another one is revenue - bringing in enough profit to continue operation.

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