Quick and Easy Cacio e Pepe Recipe

Quick and Easy Cacio e Pepe Recipe

Rethink dinner time with this Cacio e Pepe recipe that's fast, easy and delicious! Learn the steps for making a classic Italian dish in no time.

Make dinner fast and delicious with this quick and easy Cacio e Pepe recipe. This classic Italian dish is sure to impress you, your family and any dinner guests – all in just a few minutes!

Gather Ingredients.

Before you start cooking, it’s essential to gather all the ingredients for your Cacio e Pepe dish. These include freshly ground black pepper, good quality Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese and a high-quality spaghetti or other long pasta. Be sure to have all these items prepped and ready before beginning the cooking process.

Cook the Spaghetti

Bring a large pot of salted water to a rapid boil, then add the spaghetti to the pot. Stir it occasionally to ensure that the noodles don’t stick together. Cook according to package directions until al dente and then drain well, reserving 1 cup of the cooking liquid. Return the drained pasta to the empty pot and toss with some of the reserved cooking liquid until well-coated.

Make the Sauce.

Heat the remaining reserved cooking liquid in a separate small saucepan or skillet. Reduce heat to low, add the butter, grated Pecorino and black pepper, stirring regularly until the butter has melted and the mixture is creamy. Pour this mixture over the cooked spaghetti in the pot. Toss well to combine until cheeses are melted and pasta is evenly coated. Serve immediately with freshly grated Parmesan cheese (optional). Enjoy!

Mix the Cheese and Pepper

To make Cacio e Pepe, mix the cheese and black pepper together in a small bowl. The cheese should be grated as finely as possible for optimal flavor. Use a blend of both Pecorino Romano and Parmesan cheeses to make this traditional Italian dish. Stir everything together until well combined, then set aside until ready to use.

Plate Your Cacio e Pepe and Enjoy!

Plate your cooked pasta and add the cheese mixture, stirring gently until all of the cheese has melted. Finally, garnish with freshly cracked black pepper and serve with a sprinkle of Pecorino Romano on top. Cacio e Pepe makes for a delicious dinner that is sure to impress guests or family. It’s also quick enough to be an easy weekday dinner option if you’re in a pinch for time!

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