Ryan Beatty Delivers Live Performance of Latest Single 'Ribbons'

Ryan Beatty Delivers Live Performance of Latest Single 'Ribbons'

'Ribbons' provides an excellent introduction to Ryan Beatty's upcoming album 'Calico'

American singer/songwriter Ryan Beatty has just released a live performance of his latest single 'Ribbons'. The song was recorded at Valentine Recording Studios, where Ryan and Calico co-producer Ethan Gruska recorded their upcoming album. The album, titled 'Calico', is set to release on April 28 and features a luminously detailed sound that blends perfectly with Ryan's introspective lyrics.

'Calico' is Ryan's third full-length album and showcases a free-form yet gracefully sculpted sound that he explored in his previous album 'Dreaming of David'. Ryan worked with a talented lineup of musicians including Justin Vernon and Rob Moose, mainly recording at Valentine Recording Studios and Rick Rubin’s Shangri-La.

The single 'Ribbons' is a warm and delightful listen that provides an excellent introduction to 'Calico'. Its lyrics are insightful and include a memorable proverb of Calico, "It's brave to be nothing to no one at all."

In addition to 'Ribbons', Ryan has also shared a heartfelt poem that speaks to the depth of his feelings for a loved one. This poem adds to the overall emotional depth of 'Calico' and showcases Ryan's talent as a wordsmith.

With 'Calico', Ryan invites listeners to embark on a transformative and healing journey that explores the depth of their emotions. The album is a timeless and transportive body of work that inspires endless fascination despite its great subtlety.

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