Sagittarius Horoscope : weekly (01-08 May) predictions

Sagittarius Horoscope : weekly (01-08 May) predictions

Matters of the Heart: Sagittarius Navigates Desire and Duty

For Sagittarius, this week presents a dilemma rooted in their Centaur nature: should they embrace their impulsive, instinctual "horse" side, or should they lean towards their reflective, "human" side that prioritizes duty?

This conflict is particularly evident in matters of the heart, where some couples may have noticed a decline in desire due to work or family responsibilities. Those in troubled relationships may feel unheard by their partners and struggle to find common ground. Although the good aspect of Venus offers hope for resolution, it requires effort and commitment from both parties.

For single Sagittarians, this week offers a chance to pursue new love interests and perhaps even kindle a new romance. However, those in complicated or long-distance relationships should exercise caution if they seek a stable and long-lasting relationship.

On the work front, Sagittarians can expect a strong week with the potential to achieve significant goals in negotiations or collaborations. However, it is advisable to start new projects only after the middle of the month when Mercury is favorable to the sign. Although Sagittarians may feel a strong desire to let their work flow with ease, they should be mindful not to force events or phases of projects, as Mars in opposition could lead to irritability and conflict. Financial, property, and legal issues can find resolution by Friday 5, with a definitive solution by the end of the month.


Horoscope : weekly (01-08 May) predictions

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