Sagittarius Horoscope : weekly (17-23 April ) predictions

Sagittarius Horoscope : weekly (17-23 April ) predictions

Between now and the end of April, many pregnancy tests could produce an unexpectedly positive result.

It signifies a long-standing dream for many young couples that has frequently been put off during the past 18 months due to subpar financial or professional circumstances. On the other hand, Saturn transits your sign, which contains a persistent invitation to accept reality as it is. It's time for you to consider it in greater detail as the sky gradually starts to clear up. It's a sky that speaks of "procreation" but also, and here someone will exhale with relief, of "creativity" in more ethereal and symbolic terms.

Thanks to a better ability to put oneself into what you do, everything begins again: revelations, unexpected ideas, unique solutions. Old projects that were put in a drawer at work reemerge, or an idea for a brand-new activity that will be carried out in collaboration with others comes to mind. Unexpected news or a crucial call could arrive on the 21st. It's time to rekindle the romance file, to be more open-minded about love, to let go of the impacts of that retrograde Venus in quadrature, and to enjoy life more. Not before, in certain instances, bringing up and addressing a few brief recent conversations with the spouse. Don't turn down an invitation that might lead to new acquaintances between Thursday, December 20, and Friday, December 21, because of certain emotions.


Horoscope : weekly (17-23 April ) predictions

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