Sagittarius Horoscope : weekly (20-26 March) predictions

Sagittarius Horoscope : weekly (20-26 March) predictions

I'll tell you a story: “Sagittarius was a cheerful and confident type of life. In the last period, however, he had lost himself in a limbo of waiting and confusion, a non-place from which to bring out the deepest truths about him. "What is it that I want from myself?" He asked himself without having an answer. Until one fine day a faint little voice reached his ears and said to him: «Strength, Sagittarius. Rediscover the strength of your choices». It was the Sun. He didn't need to shout, because his light was enough to make Sagittarius rediscover the strength of his ideas, of his horizons. The strength of his choices”. Welcome back Sagittarius!

We now restart, and thanks to the Sun's trine, which became active on Monday, 20, we do so with a fresh insight. There is a demand for lightness in the workplace. "Lightness" does not imply avoiding commitments and obligations; rather, it refers to the desire to allow the work to flow in harmony and creativity without having to struggle or, more importantly, ask for things all the time. Of course, a lot relies on the present circumstances and everyone's goals. For instance, individuals who have recently undergone a move, taken on a new project, or joined a new work group may suddenly feel the desire to be more "recognized," particularly economically. Particularly if the role has grown and now has more challenging responsibilities or assignments with greater responsibility, which should, by rights, also result in an enhancement in "remuneration". You can inquire, particularly on Thursday, March 23 and Friday, April 24. This is helpful for advancing a negotiation or resolving a professional dilemma, getting excellent news, or making new connections. The latter is especially helpful for individuals who want to grow their business or are thinking about making a "major" change because many people born under this sign feel an increasing need to change their lives, to take care of something completely new or move to a different city. You just need to move cautiously and, in certain situations, with "underground" tactics, avoid drawing too much notice, and keep on with your regular work while waiting to be able to take a jump in a new direction. You will succeed.

We reach the heart of a genuine epiphany of the heart even in love. These days, the words "lightness" and "well-being" are prevalent. A few relationships that have grown a little stale over time can also be measured using them as a yardstick. This sky shows that, for better or worse, you are making a decision about who you are. There are a number of other choices that will come after this initial certainty. For instance, even though it was unpleasant, individuals who had ended a relationship were motivated by a healthy desire to improve. Conversely, those who are in a troubled relationship could feel the urge to "refuse" by telling a covert lie. As certain judgments may be reversed in the future weeks, we are not yet in a "definition" or a "clear" position. Yet, you are now, and rightfully so, experiencing a significant movement as a result of acting on your intuition and general wellbeing. You'll be able to tell where your heart is by May. On the other hand, celebrating Epiphany also implies providing your relationship with your partner a fresh start and realizing wonderful dreams like cohabitation, marriage, or a stork visit within the year. There are plenty of chances for singles to rekindle their emotions, especially around Friday the 24th. Knowing how to chose is crucial, to reiterate. It is feasible to come to an agreement if there have lately been issues with the "home" (sales, rentals, or condominium expenses), but be aware of solutions that are too "simple" or quick because we can revisit the issue in April.


Horoscope : weekly (20-26 March) predictions

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