Sagittarius Horoscope : weekly (27 March - 02 April) predictions

Sagittarius Horoscope : weekly (27 March - 02 April) predictions

If last week I spoke to you about "rediscovering the strength of your choices", from this one instead I invite you to "rediscover the strength to look ahead".

The New Moon in your fifth house is a hymn to creativity, to lightness, to falling back in love with life and what you do. Don't miss this call, because this sky is all about growth and allows you to sow new projects to cultivate in the coming months. It's time to turn the page.

And when I talk about creativity, I can't help but consider all the freelancers who are trying to get their business back on track with new projects and initiatives that are not just "passion", but also economic stability for the future. “A new Sagittarius”: that's the title of the April paragraph in my forecast book, that's what you need to come up with to get the best out of this sky. Brick by brick, you have to rebuild new alliances, a new entourage of collaborators who can support your career path and your position. If you're realizing that the "past" is wasting your time, look ahead! It is useless to continue to demand or to "squeeze" what by now no longer has lifeblood and vitality in the work. It is a construction phase that requires time and commitment. With Mercury in Taurus, if you are carrying out a negotiation, or waiting for an answer/confirmation, things may go a little slow, and you may not get everything right from the start. Don't be discouraged. Take advantage of this sky to prepare the foundations, plan a small or large change and find the right strategies. The days at the beginning of the week are splendid, especially Tuesday 28, to have a splendid intuition, find the solution to a work problem or receive good news. If you are looking for a job, if you want to request the activation of a project or the assignment of an assignment, take advantage of this week's days to come forward, without fear of exposing yourself.

Good news also for all couples who are looking for a child. This New Moon is really fertile to expand the team of the heart by including a new player of small stature. On the other hand, the presence in the field of Uranus (planet of big surprises) could play tricks, so pay attention if you still want to play in two. In general, for all couples who love each other it's time to set the navigator in the direction of their life projects... and who knows if someone decides to get married or live together by the end of the summer. The scents of spring begin to make themselves felt even among lonely hearts, who are better prepared for new encounters, unless they have already targeted a "prey". "Lightness" is the password you have imposed on yourself: the priority is to feel good, take small steps and enjoy the excitement of the beginning. With such a beautiful sky, however, nothing prevents me from thinking that new acquaintances can become "important" in no time at all. Meanwhile, even if midweek, the days from Monday 27 to Wednesday 29 can offer beautiful emotions: no laziness! Anyone who has recently had a flashback or welcomed back an ex needs more guarantees and a perspective for the future. As in work, here too the rule applies: better to look elsewhere than to squeeze a fruit without juice.


Horoscope : weekly (27 March - 02 April) predictions

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