Sagittarius Weekly horoscope (December 18-25)

Sagittarius Weekly horoscope (December 18-25)

In the third week of December, you will not have to work for wear and tear, staying at your workplace for a long time.

Try to stick to your plan to avoid running out of energy. Physical exertion and stress can both cause sleep disturbances. Don't take office problems personally; instead, view life through the lens of positive thinking.

The first few days of the week will follow a strict schedule. The Sun in Sagittarius bestows courage and the ability to avoid obstacles. If chaos reigns at work and at home, the Sagittarius weekly horoscope suggests changing the accents. Without hysterics and unnecessary whining, start a new business, for example, remember a forgotten hobby. Almost certainly, success awaits you.

Sagittarius' sincerity in the middle of the week will melt everyone's hearts. Mercury in Capricorn is an excellent philosopher and diplomat. Do not fight your nature in order to solve painful personal problems. Waste the vibrations of love, draw into the net of the one you have feelings for. If you are free, try to be in a relationship with a colleague.

It is your privilege to assist those in need at the end of the week. Under the Moon in Capricorn, a sense of duty grows stronger, as does a desire to make the world a better place. The Sagittarius weekly horoscope suggests testing yourself as a psychoanalyst. You will almost certainly be able to provide sound advice. However, financial assistance will not be unnecessary.

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