Sagittarius Weekly love horoscope (December 12-18)

Sagittarius Weekly love horoscope (December 12-18)

In a relationship, a break may be needed, the weekly love horoscope for the second week of December does not rule out a romantic infatuation.

Flirting, compliments, and date invitations are all easily overlooked. Consider whether you are willing to jeopardize your relationship for a fleeting pleasure - passion is fleeting.

Sagittarius only needs some free money to feel happy at the start of the week. Venus's influence in Capricorn encourages rational thought. You have significant expenses ahead of you; try to postpone at least a small portion of them - your partner will support you.

Your loved ones will disappoint you with their coldness in the middle of the week. The Sun in Sagittarius does not tolerate lies and fictions. According to the Sagittarius weekly love horoscope, you are to blame. Try to spend more time at home and investigate the problems of all family members, including distant relatives.

Sagittarius' reasoning can take a loved one to white heat on the weekend. With the Moon in Libra, one's sensitivity to beauty is enhanced, and even minor flaws become apparent. Get ready for a big fight if you don't control yourself and stop seeing flaws in everything.

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