Scorpio Horoscope : weekly (13-19 March) predictions

Scorpio Horoscope : weekly (13-19 March) predictions

In this period the sky of Scorpio is more mysterious and impenetrable than ever. It is not a "negative" period, at least according to the indications of the transit of the Sun in trine from Pisces, an indicator of a phase of creativity and personal expression. I would perhaps say that this desire to feel good could be "clipped" by two different orders of issues.

The first is that "responsibility" frequently ends up taking precedence over "pleasure" during this time due to the numerous planets that transit through the sixth house of work and commitment. that a lot of work commitments, some beneficial and rewarding and others clearly less so, can sometimes stifle the surge of desire for wellbeing. The second factor brought on by Mars' opposition is that sometimes the difficulties of never coming to the correct agreements with others compromises your drive for expression. But, what I suggest you to avoid doing is labeling the time as one in which "everything goes wrong" by focusing only on the negative.

If you are doing "yours," or loving what you do, especially in professional matters, don't get bogged down in tiresome power or rationale battles with a boss or a referent. Try to turn a blind eye and move on if a project needs to be scaled back for financial reasons, if you have to give up certain demands for a favorable negotiating result, or if you have to work a little harder to obtain an agreement. If you keep in mind not to get too stuck, you will see that Friday the 17th can result in a significant uniqueness and a nice recognition. On the other hand, if you are considering a more drastic change because what you do no longer accurately reflects you, attempt to move cautiously while being mindful of any practical and administrative concerns. A softer detachment can be more advantageous than slamming the door when leaving the office.

The start of the week is a little tough emotionally. It appears that there is something you want to say to your spouse but have been unable to do so up until now, or you feel misunderstood and like the burden of the ménage falls totally on your shoulders. Unless you're going through a more serious crisis, these are practical issues that have little bearing on the nature of feelings. One "you bring the dog" too many in this situation could open Pandora's box and start a war. If you want to save the beauty you have created up until this point, my dear Scorpio, you must find a way to get over this impasse without exaggerating anything. Mars in opposition makes you combative, prone to victimization, and in most situations, this approach does not pay well. Similar to at work, it is vital to arbitrate in this situation as well as make an attempt to comprehend the other party's viewpoints. Recently, a few new acquaintances have proven to be intriguing, despite the fact that something may now disturb a "normal" acquaintance: in general, we can speak of the normal doubts of every beginning of a story, but for someone there may also be a different dilemma due to a - let's call it that - low attraction. What should you do if you come across someone who is energizing psychically but not that attractive? It's up for discussion!


Horoscope : weekly (13-19 March) predictions

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