Scorpio Horoscope : weekly (20-26 february) predictions

Scorpio Horoscope : weekly (20-26 february) predictions

What at the beginning might have seemed like a month of February without infamy or praise could turn out to be more interesting and full of novelties in the finale. The trine of the Sun and Mercury (the latter active since Saturday 25) reinvigorates moods, but above all it allows you to lay the foundations for a new start, both professionally and emotionally.

In recent weeks I have been talking about a wave of (and unforeseen) commitments which has created some moments of fatigue and some uncertainty about the future in my work. In particular, some freelancers may have seen an agreement vanish, the start of a new project. Even the economic aspect has aroused some concern, with unforeseen expenses that concerned work but also some family matters. To have a better situation, you have to wait for next week, but already from this week the sky is recovering ground: around Wednesday 22 (day more, day less) good news is arriving regarding finances, a payment or a loan that you have been waiting for some time , a recognition at work linked to your merit that is finally recognized. Eyes wide open even if you're veering elsewhere, or looking for new allies or collaborators for your project: new contacts and people able to support and enhance your professional figure are very important in this period. Try in every possible way to expand the circle of your acquaintances. Those who propose themselves are doing well: the New Moon active since the 26th introduces new important occasions. Small drop on Friday the 24th, but I would say that the "ups and downs" moment has passed.

Ups and downs, as you have noticed, especially on family matters: recently the focus has shifted to affection, not only towards the partner, but in a broader sense to the people of your "clan". You felt the need to recover some relationships, to face certain problems and feel the love of your loved ones closer to you. At this moment, making a gesture of "regrouping", such as listening to what the other has to say, burying the hatchets, or simply organizing a moment of closeness together such as a party or a trip, restores balance with the cosmos. As far as love in the strictest sense is concerned, however, you are moving towards a moment of purification: even if your sting sometimes moves by conditioned reflex, in this period you are trying to understand some misunderstandings that have recently arisen between you and your partner. A warm season for lonely hearts begins from the weekend: from Sunday 26 your charm lights up with a new light (as if you needed it, but this is a personal comment!). Just look around: every goal is within your reach!


Horoscope : weekly (20-26 february) predictions

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