Scorpio Horoscope : weekly (20-26 March) predictions

Scorpio Horoscope : weekly (20-26 March) predictions

Your voice takes on an ever more decisive and incisive tone in the face of those who try to hinder your life prospects or get in your way. You need to fix what isn't working, to vent, to tell it like it is, even if the opposition of Mars could alter your perception a little, giving you the feeling that the world is against you.

It might be partially true. Let's imagine instead that you have reached a point in your "round of the year" where you evaluate the current circumstances, assess what is wrong, and then take inspiration from these considerations to make the greatest choices possible. Do not rush into revolutionizing or making a move. Jupiter is in a position where he can help you acquire what you desire as you move into the second half of the year. For the time being, it's important to keep up excellent working connections if they are important to your company's success. During this moment, you could feel tempted to damn everyone, but is it really what you want? Anyone who has recently started a new project, signed a contract, or formed a firm may experience administrative and logistical difficulties or feel as though things aren't going as anticipated. Take close attention to the days of Thursday, September 23, and Friday, September 24, which mark the conclusion of this extremely stressful time. It can annoy you that you don't have complete discretion in every situation. Most all, though, try not to consider everyone as an enemy because occasionally, even if they are harsh, a contact or a boss's words might help you see a certain professional scenario. Deal closing may be more difficult or call for additional time, patience, and flexibility. If you can, take breaks that will help you to expand your perspective and refuel. These breaks could even include trips or brief movements.

Couples' fights of a specified weight might start on the same days surrounding Thursday, 23. Even in your romantic relationships, you are going through a delicate phase that calls for compassion, tact, diplomacy, and a tiny bit of emotional restraint. In other situations, the relationship's mood may be affected by job or family, or by particular life decisions (such a move or the purchase of a property) that do not quite meet with your approval. These are typically everyday "negotiations" of a shared life. Couples in crisis may find it more difficult to explain the need for a break from their relationship during the second half of the week. Depending on the specific circumstances and the stability of the relationship, a brief separation — albeit challenging and in some ways "dangerous" — might be able to help you get your bearings. Anyone who has just begun a story struggles greatly to strike a balance while fully trusting the other party. If a final "judgment" is not reached quickly, attempt to lessen the weight of your accusations and see what emotional "gifts" the other party can provide you. I suggest that you allow only a lawyer to mediate on your behalf and refrain from escalating the conflict yourself if you are involved in a separation case with an ex-spouse.


Horoscope : weekly (20-26 March) predictions

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